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Woolf growing on Swedes

Björn Kohlström told Blogging Woolf  that interest in Virginia Woolf has slowly but steadily increased in Sweden during the last few years.

As a result, several things have happened. His biography of Woolf, the first book about Woolf written in Swedish, according to Kohlström, was recently published. And a variety of Woolf’s work is available in Swedish as well.

All 10 of her novels are out, along with a translation of her diary called Moments of Freedom, and some of her essays. However, Kohlström says the translations of several of the novels are rather old — The Years dates from 1942 and Jacob’s Room from 1927.

Kohlström’s book, Virginia Woolf. En författarbiografi, is part of a series called Profiles in Literature. His is the first. Later volumes will cover Dostoevsky, Camus, Kafka and many Swedish authors.

I did discover another Swedish connection to Woolf — a blog titled A Room of My Own.  And after this post was published, Kohlström spread the news of this post on his blog.

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