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Bloomsbury Heritage SeriesCecil Woolf is calling all Woolfians, both common readers and scholars!

The publisher and nephew of Leonard and Virginia has proposed a project for Blogging Woolf. And he plans to publish it as a monograph in his Bloomsbury Heritage series.

Cecil has asked us to collect “Virginia Woolf’s Likes and Dislikes” on this blog. Readers can submit their entries in the comments section on the Woolf likes and dislikes page, citing the source of the quote (Woolf’s Diary or Letters), volume, and page number.

Contributors should also include your name and academic affiliation, if appropriate, so you can be credited for your contribution in the Bloomsbury Heritage volume Cecil plans to edit and publish.

Cecil himself, who heads Cecil Woolf Publishers in London, has come up with the first offering. Here’s what he sent Blogging Woolf:

  • “I like printing in my basement best, almost: no, I like drinking champagne and getting wildly excited. I like driving off to Rodmell on a hot Friday evening and having cold ham, and sitting on my terrace and smoking a cigar with an owl or two” (Letters IV 189).

On the previous page of that volume of letters, I found the following:

  • “I don’t like [J. C.] Squire, but am doubtless jaundiced by my sense of his pervading mediocrity and thick thumbedness” (Letters IV 188).

Now it’s your turn, fellow Woolfians. Click here to post away. Then read more about Cecil on Anne Fernald’s blog, Fernham.

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