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This just in from the VW Listserv: A restaurant in Cincinnati, the Vineyard Cafe, packages diners’ leftovers in a handy little box with a Virginia Woolf quote on the front.
The quote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” has seen other commercial uses. It appeared on white ceramic serving pieces sold a couple of years ago by Pottery Barn. Sadly, the pieces are no longer available, but I recall them creating quite a stir (no pun intended) when they first came out.
The news of the Woolf-related doggie box came from Drew Patrick Shannon, whom I met last June at the Woolf conference. It was my first such conference, and Drew became my first Woolfian friend as I stood in awe among the renowned Woolf scholars whose work I had read and re-read.

Drew is now an assistant professor of English in the Humanities Department of the College of Mount St. Joseph, where he is working on expanding his dissertation, The Deep Old Desk: The Diary of Virginia Woolf, into a book. Check out his bio on this page.

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