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cakeNew Yorkers had the opportunity to celebrate Virginia Woolf’s birthday two ways today — both of them on stage. Those of us who live elsewhere can do our celebrating vicariously.

Here are some links to birthday wishes for Virginia in cyberspace:

  • NPR broadcast a six-minute program Sunday morning on the premier of the first full production of Freshwater, Woolf’s only play. The piece included an interview with producer Julie Crosby of The Women’s Project and audio from the play itself, which is now on stage in New York.  Read and listen to “In `Freshwater,’ a Lighter Side of Virginia Woolf.”
  • The New York Times published a review affirming Woolf’s light side too. And Newsday published a blurb.
  • A staged reading of Edna O’Brien’s award-winning play Virginia was held at the Arthur Seelen Theater today. The play, a 90-minute exploration of Woolf’s inner life and relationships, was followed by a question and answer session with the director and artistic director and Anne Fernald, author of Virginia Woolf: Feminism and the Reader. Anne has promised to blog about the event on Fernham, and her impressions would enhance our off-site celebration. Here is her first installment. And here is her second.
  • Vara Neverow posted her birthday message to the VW Listserv, informing us all that we could read a post celebrating Woolf’s life on the blog nonsuchbook, where readers were invited to post a comment about their favorite Woolf novel along with a favorite quote. Read the report of the online birthday bash, including the name of the winner of a copy of Mrs. Woolf and the Servants.
  • Finally, Woolf is included among notable individuals born on Jan. 25 in an online almanac listing of events that took place on this date.

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