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OBAMACOVER_thumbWhenever I read a biography of anyone, but for our purposes — Woolf — I have a little movie in my head of the events that are taking place. I don’t often, however, picture a comic book. A recent article in The Guardian says I might finally get that chance.

For the most recent installments of its “Female Force” series of graphic novel biographies, Bluewater Productions will profile an unlikely pair of female authors: Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling (in separate books, thank goodness). The bios will chronicle each author’s life and unlikely rise to fame.

Previously, “Female Force” has only profiled female political figures, including Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Bluewater  is planning to publish biographies of two other prominent female writers for the series, and here’s where it gets interesting. Up for consideration are Tony Morrison, Ayn Rand, Margaret Atwood, Anne Rice, and Virginia Woolf.

Since the Meyer biography is narrated by a vampire, “in a very fun, respectful and unique way,” I’m curious and a little worried to see what they would do with the life of Virginia Woolf. Still, though, wouldn’t it be interesting?

Thanks to @booksin140 for Tweeting the link!

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