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The Waves by Virginia WoolfOnce again, an international artist has found inspiration in Virginia Woolf’s novel The Waves.

This time, an art installation in Beirut, Lebanon, does the honors.

Thierry Kuntzel’s work, which is on display at the City Center Cinema Dome on the edge of downtown, is part of the Francophone Games.

Kuntzel’s installation, which is open until Oct. 28 from 5 – 9 p.m., references Woolf’s ground-breaking novel.

“’The Waves is a homage to Virginia Woolf, her writing, her invention of time, her personality – this life always on the edge of drowning (which was her real end), between terror and ecstasy,’” are the words Kuntzel includes in the display, according to a review in The Daily Star.

Other artists who have recently drawn on Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness novel for inspiration include:

  • Choreographer Zoe Reeve, a graduate student in South Africa, who incorporated its words into her dance production, “Outside + Beside Herself,” staged in July.
  • English director Katie Mitchell’s multi-media adaptation of the novel, which premiered in the United States in New York City, Nov. 14 through Nov. 22, 2008 and garnered rave reviews.
  • Princeton, the California band who appeared at Woolf and the City in June, has written and performed a song titled “The Waves.” It’s the group’s most frequently downloaded number from its “Bloomsbury” album.

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