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Molly Hoff, author of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway: Invisible Presences, has obviously been reading Alice Lowe’s posts about Virginia Woolf in contemporary fiction.

Yesterday she let me know that we can all meet Mrs. Dalloway in Graham Greene’s The Confidential Agent. Here are Molly’s interesting observations:

“Graham Greene’s text features walking up and down three times, three traffic jams, three instances of false pretences, and two pistol shots that resemble a car backfiring, or a car backfiring that sounds like a pistol shot. There is a bookstore window display with titles included, a skywriting airplane, and a person who jumps out of a window. Another person gets lost in a crowd of people intervening.

“The Tatler and bananas also appear with the suggestion that the narrative will start over again. The main character – “My name is D” leads a Kafkaesque thriller of which Greene said he felt as if he were ghosting someone else’s novel.”

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