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My little reading nook

While reading several blogs last week, I discovered something many of you probably already know — that the British edition of Country Living magazine is widely available in the U.S.

I headed over to my local Border’s to pick up a copy of the May issue and later spent some weekend time tucked up in my reading nook contemplating my imaginary life in the English countryside.

This Bloomsbury-inspired lampshade is pictured on Page 107 of the May 2011 issue of Country Living.

While there, I discovered a “Bloomsbury lampshade” pictured in the south Somerset home of young couple Chris and Angela Stanford. To be more accurate, I suppose it should really be called a “Bloomsbury-inspired lampshade.”

A quick Google search located an interesting site with lots of Bloomsbury-inspired products, from lampshades to kitchen cupboards. The designer says she carries forward the vision of the Omega Workshops.

Jane Garrity sent me the link to Cressida Bell’s lovely website. As the daughter of Quentin Bell and the granddaughter of Vanessa, Cressida is certainly influenced by Bloomsbury style, but she carries it out in a way that is all her own. I fell in love with her truly unique silk shawls and scarves. A visit to her London studio requires an appointment, but Jane says it is worth it.

And of course, there is always Charleston’s online shop for a limited selection of Bloomsbury goods.

The cover price of an individual issue of Country Living is $7.99, but the less expensive alternative is a subscription via Amazon at $74 for 12 issues. But if you subscribe, be patient. It takes 12 to 16 weeks before your first issue will arrive.

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