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The 21st Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf was held June 9-12 at the University of Glasgow.

Blogging Woolf was not able to travel to Scotland for the event, but friend Patrizia Muscogiuri did. And she sent us her conference photos. Thanks for sharing, Patrizia.

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Marina Warner and Jane Goldman, conference organizer

Jean Moorcroft Wilson

Vara Neverow and Patrizia Muscogiuri, who provided Blogging Woolf with these photos. More are posted on Flickr. See the Flickr feed in the right sidebar.

At left, Gill Lowe in the pageant skit written by Suzanne Bellamy, pictured at right

Derek Ryan, who played William in the pageant skit, was also one of the conference organizers.
Catherine Hollis, Lois Gilmore and Barbara Lonnquist

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