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Guardian, say it isn’t so

Bothered by the glaring error in Paul Lester’s music review of Wolfette in The Guardian? The one where he claims that Dominique Woolf is the great granddaughter of Virginia Woolf?

Well, email your complaint to reader@guardian.co.uk, the office that handles reader queries about Guardian accuracy and standards. When requesting a correction, you should send a web link of the story.

Since the Guardian’s policy is “to correct significant errors as soon as possible,” they will want to know about this one. After what happened with News of the World, someone has to keep a squeaky clean image.

Meawhile, out of Woolfette’s mouth came these words, spoken during an April Q&A posted on So So Gay:

Apparently you’re distantly related to Virginia Woolf.

She was married to my grandmother’s uncle. That makes her my great-great-aunt by marriage… I think.

Readers have pointed out Lester’s error, but so far he has failed to admit his mistake or publish a correction. Let’s hope the powers-that-be at The Guardian will show him the error of his ways — in more ways than one.

But as Stuart N. Clarke noted, “According to A E Housman, `the faintest of all human passions is the love of truth’.”

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