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Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Inc. is staging the exhibition Virginia Woolf: The Flight of Time. The exhibition, which is open to the public, runs Nov. 21 through Jan. 14 at the Forbes Galleries, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 12th Street in New York City.

The galleries, which are located in the lobby of Forbes Magazine’s headquarters, are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The Woolf material is exhibited in the Carrère Gallery.

The exhibition draws from an important collection of material documenting Woolf’s life and work. Included are:

  • an early, apparently unpublished photograph of 13-year-old Virginia Stephen in mourning for her mother;
  • a letter from Woolf refusing a marriage proposal;
  • a leaf excised from Woolf’s March 22, 1923, passport, signed and filled-in as “Mrs. A.V. Woolf”;
  • Gisèle Freund’s unpublished 1939 portrait of Woolf;
  • two unpublished love poems by Sackville-West for Woolf;
  • letters documenting Woolf’s professional career and personal relationships;
  • many inscribed copies of the books she wrote and published;
  • books from her library, spanning decades;
  • dozens of letters and books Woolf sent to her nephew, Julian Bell;
  • and a series of letters from Leonard and Virginia’s sister Vanessa to Sackville-West on Woolf’s disappearance and death.

The exhibit features color photographs by David Levinthal that incorporate elements from the collection.

An exhibition catalogue, featuring additional Woolf material and Levinthal photos, will be available in a limited trade issue and a deluxe issue that includes a signed Levinthal print, slip cased with a copy of the book.

The collection of Woolf material, built over the course of 30 years by William B. Beekman, is for sale en bloc.

Other Woolf-related materials from Glenn Horowitz:

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