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Sabrina Card uses the phrase "Whatever pieces" and cites Woolf's quote on her redbubble page.

I was working my way through a backed-up express line at Trader Joe’s one day over the holidays, glazing over at the impulse buys displayed near the checkstands. I glanced at a rack of greeting cards on the wall, and my eye stopped at the words: “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.”

The image on the card is catchy and colorful, with cartoonish grass, trees and mountains, and a figure juggling puzzle pieces in the sky. Virginia Woolf’s name is in small print underneath the caption.

It’s a blank card, so you can buy them in quantity and use them for all purposes. I bought one and have taped it to the wall next to my desk.

What an appropriate sentiment for the new year! Along with $5 dark roast coffee, decent cheap wines and a great selection of dark chocolate, the Trader has done it again.

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