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As I have said before, if you can visit England to follow in Virginia Woolf’s footsteps, do it. But if you can’t afford the time and money it takes to go across the pond, you can visit Elisa Kay Sparks’ wonderful blog Blooming Woolf instead.

Elisa’s most recent use of the site documents the 12-day trip to England that she and the five students in her Creative Inquiry on Woolf and Place course took this May.

They hit all the Woolf high spots from London to Sussex to Cornwall. And they spent an evening with Cecil Woolf and Jean Moorcroft Wilson as well.The blog includes fascinating commentary on the sites they saw and the things they experienced, as well as glorious photos of both.

I was specially interested in how the area around Talland House in St. Ives, Cornwall, has changed since I was there in 2004. And I was heartened to see the latest photos of Cecil and Jean as they enjoyed a leisurely night out in London with Elisa and her students.

Elisa has always shared her work on Woolf online. See Elisa Kay Sparks Home Page, for links to more, including her Modernist London Blog, her Second Life Blog and her Travel Blog.

Now, in addition to Blooming Woolf, she also has a Virginia Woolf board on Pinterest that is definitely worth following. It includes many of her recent England photos. Some of the Monk’s House photos are particularly interesting, as they are either interior shots, which were not permitted when I visited in 2004, or they picture things I did not notice when I was there. One of these (at right) depicts Woolf’s complete set of Shakespeare’s works that was recently returned to Monk’s House. Another shows the WW II bunker just below the terrace at the Sussex home.

Thanks to Anne Fernald for tipping me off to this wonderful resource on Pinterest compiled by Elisa. And thanks to Elisa for sharing her experiences and photos online with all of us.

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