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The literary journal is on sale at Womrath’s Bookstore in Tenafly,  N.J., and several other locations.

With so many print literary journals folding up their tents and going away, I was happy to see that Jessica Rosevear has just published the second issue of Killing the Angel.

While the journal is inspired by Virginia Woolf, it’s not intended to be Woolf focused. But as in the first issue, announced here last October, it includes a couple of pieces that are directly related–and what better home for them? A poem by John DeLaurentis, “Call of the Woolf,” begins:

“What did you find, Virginia?
You searched like a woman on fire
through your father’s library,
looking for words to dance
off the gilded pages …”

I particularly enjoyed Emily Burns Morgan’s provocative essay, “Moments of Being: The (Buddhist) Philosophy of Virginia Woolf.” While Woolf was not believed to be influenced by Eastern philosophy or religion, Morgan makes an interesting case for similarities in the mindset that speaks of being and non-being, death and rebirth. Orlando, she posits, “might be read as a particularly literal illustration of the idea of reincarnation.” And “moments of being,” the concept itself, can be seen as the Buddhists’ “mindfulness.”

The issue includes a sampling of fiction, essays and poetry by a variety of voices, including oft-published authors and in one case, a very talented high school student. Killing the Angel is available through the website.

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