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Woe is me. I was so looking forward to seeing Virginia Woolf make a cameo appearance during the fourth season of Downton Abbey, but after reading this news from the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain’s Facebook page, my hopes are dashed:

I have bad news for #Downton Abbey fans, and for those people who aren’t fans but were going to watch the episode of Downton featuring Christina Carty playing#VirginiaWoolf (see 17 Sep post). Unfortunately this will not be the case after all. I contacted ITV to find out which episode ‘Woolf’ would appear in and was passed to Jessica Morris of Milk Publicity, who told me: ‘The character [Michael] Gregson is part of the London set of which Laura Carmichael [who plays Lady Edith] has spoken about in her interviews. There was a scene with Christina as Virginia Woolf but sadly, for editing reasons, as happens with all TV shows and movies, didn’t work so was cut.’ A great disappointment for Woolfians and, presumably, for Christina Carty.

The news generated comments on the page, which the society promised to send along to the show’s VWSGB FBPR people and iTV. Most of the commenters were sad to see Virginia tossed to the cutting room floor, but one was “relieved.”

I had heard the rumor that Woolf’s appearance had been cut days ago, but I didn’t want to believe it. The society’s post makes it official.

I just hope the Woolf footage somehow makes its way onto YouTube or some other online video outlet.

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