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One of the best things about the Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf is the warm welcome that seasoned Woolf scholars give to new voices.

Beautiful stained glass decorates the Loyola campus (photo by Kelle Mullineaux)

Beautiful stained glass that decorates the Loyola University campus (Photo by Kelle Mullineaux)


As a first-time presenter at the conference, the highlight of my trip to Chicago was meeting many of the scholars whose work I have studied and valued for many years.

Here are a few comments on the event from another first-time attendee:

Kelle Mullineaux from Northern Illinois University presented a talk called “Virginia Woolf: Composition Theorist: How Imagined Audiences Can Wreck a Writer” and had this to say about the conference:

“I loved the location of this year’s conference. Loyola is a gorgeous university, and staying in the dorms made it easy for me to ‘settle in’ and navigate the campus comfortably. In addition, the Woolf conference provided more than just presentations (though the presentations were excellent). I’ve never been to a conference that included a theatrical production or multimedia workshops, but the Woolf conference provided both! The coordinators did an excellent job of showcasing the diverse impact Woolf has had on the arts.”

The Loyola Campus (photo by Kelle Mullineaux)

A waterfront view of the Loyola campus (Photo by Kelle Mullineaux)

Were you a first-time attendee at this year’s Woolf Conference who would like to share your experiences? If so, contact me! Kaylee.Baucom@CSN.edu

More about this year’s Woolf conference:

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