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The proceedings of the 2013 conference of the French Virginia Woolf Society, Société d’Etudes Woolfiennes — with its theme of Outlanding Woolf — have just been published in the online journal Ebc (Etudes britanniques contemporaines).couv_ebc_48_2015_1-small275
This issue of Études britanniques contemporaines is divided into two sections that are both distinct and connected.
  • The first section— ‘Crossing into Otherness’ —turns to the poetics of crossing in contemporary English literature, in order to understand how the physical experience of ‘crossing into’ entails an ethical experience of alteration.
  • The second section — ‘Outlanding Woolf’  — follows up and inflects the theme by turning to the way Woolf invents a poetics of the ‘outlandish’ and is in turn displaced and transformed by her reception.

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