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Four hundred and twenty-two erotic drawings by Duncan Grant dating from the 1940s and 1950s have been discovered under a bed, after being thought destroyed because of their explicit homosexual content, according to the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain.

The drawings were given to Edward Le Bas in 1959. They then were passed on through a string of friends before eventually reaching theatre designer
Norman Coates, who kept them under his bed and showed them only to a few select friends.

Coates has now decided to give the collection, thought to be worth £2 million, to the Charleston Trust. Read more on the BBC website and in The Guardian.

Charleston to launch crowdfunding campaign

Charleston, like most historic houses, is struggling financially because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Oct. 16 it will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the remaining sum needed to reopen. That day is the 104th anniversary of the date when Grant, his boyfriend David “Bunny” Garnett, and Bell moved to Charleston.

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