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korres-rose-wood-blackcurrant-cyclamen_200x200Romance and nostalgia are the latest buzz words in the world of beauty right now, I’m told. And somehow those two characteristics have combined to connect the caché of Virginia Woolf to a new fragrance.

Today’s Sunday Times connects Woolf to the Rosewood, Blackcurrant & Cyclamen Fragrance of the Greek brand Korres. It sells for £38.

The review describes the “sweet and light ” fragrance by saying, “This isn’t simply about the charm of an English rose — it’s not all Sissinghurst flower beds — but rather a Virginia Woolf take on it all; rose through a glass darkly, if you will (it comes in a brown glass bottle).”

A Virginia Woolf take on fragrance? Through a glass darkly? Oh, please.

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