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We know a lot about Virginia Woolf by reading her writing. Her essays, novels, short stories, letters and diaries reveal much about her personality and her artistry.

We look at the way Woolf shapes her words to understand who she was and the vision she tried to share.

Lidia Fogarolo, however, looks at Woolf from another angle. She looks at what the shape of her letters and the spacing between her words can tell us about Woolf herself.

Lidia Fogoralo is a graphologist and the director of the Morettian Graphology School in Padua, Italy. She provides an analysis of Woolf’s handwriting on her Web site.

Fogarola says Woolf’s handwriting indicates her propensity to engage in powerful criticism of herself and her writing and a chronic dissatisfaction with her own ability to express concepts that were important to her.

“In fact, her handwriting shows not only exceptional mental qualities, but also exceptional qualities of her feeling, deeply original, sensitive, intuitive,” according to Fogarolo.

Woolf is one of just seven famous individuals who Fogarolo analyzes on her site. You can read background on Woolf here and the full analysis of Woolf’s handwriting here.

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