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The fall 2012 issue of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany invites brief analyses and explorations of how queer studies can help or has helped illuminate Woolf’s life and work, and vice versa – how Woolf’s work and life nuances or otherwise influences queer studies, broadly conceived.

Send submissions of not more than 2,000 words to Madelyn Detloff and Brenda Helt at detlofmm@muohio.edu and helt0010@umn.edu by Feb. 15.

Read the newly published issue of Virginia Woolf Miscellany (No. 80, Fall 2011). It includes:

  • Christine Froula’s review of The Essays of VW, VI (Random House, Chatto and Windus, Hogarth): pp. 26-28.
  • Roberta Rubenstein’s review of The Edinburgh Companion to VW and the Arts (Edinburgh UP): pp.28-30.
  • Leslie Hankins’ review of VW, Modernity and History (Palgrave Macmillan): pp. 30-31.
  • My review of VW and the Study of Nature (Cambridge UP): pp.31-32.
  • Jane Lilienfeld’s review of A Great Unrecorded History (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) : pp.32-33.
  • Vara Neverow’s review of A Room of Their Own (Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University): pp. 33-35.


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Woolf studies and queer studies. Where do they intersect?

That question came up on the VWoolf Listserv a while back, and now a panel has been added to the 2010 Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf: Woolf and the Natural World to provide an opportunity for discussion.

“’Queer Bloomsbury,’ Queer Studies, and Woolf’s Place in Both” will take place as a breakfast discussion Saturday, June 5, 7:30-9 a.m.  in the Banquet Hall at Georgetown College. It will be moderated by Madelyn Detloff and Brenda Helt.

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