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Virginia Woolf’s essay “Street Haunting” has inspired a free 30-minute interactive walking theatrical iPlay that leads participants on a tour of downtown Huntington, W. Virginia.

Written by Matthew Earnest, a New York-based playwright, Street Haunting is presented by Marshall Theatre Alliances.

The performance has been pre-recorded by Marshall University students. To experience it, the audience will walk through the streets of downtown Huntington while listening to specific sections of the play, based on their current location.

Seven downtown locations are on the tour, each chosen to evoke an appropriate atmosphere for the scene. The sights and sounds of each city location become part of the theater experience.

To listen to the performance, playgoers need a cell phone. They can call 304-710-3256 to access the audio. Those with smart phones can get better quality audio by visiting this url: http://myoncell.mobi/13047103256.  Using earbuds is recommended to help eliminate ambient noise.

Locations included in Street Hauntings include:

  1. The Lobby of the Pullman Plaza Hotel
  2. Walking south on 10th Street, then continue walking west on 4th Avenue.
  3. The Village Collection
  4. Pullman Square
  5. Empire Books
  6. Mug & Pia
  7. Return to the Pullman Plaza Hotel

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