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This week in Woolf sightings, the BBC has come up with a a new two-DVD set, “In Their Own Words,” that include three one-hour documentaries that distill more than a century’s worth of BBC radio and television interviews, including Virginia Woolf’s (#29). There’s a new book about Knole (#9). And mum’s the word in To the Lighthouse (#22).

  1. Annie Leibovitz’s Ghosts, New Yorker (blog)
    She took pictures of objects she was drawn to—Emily Dickinson’s white dress; Virginia Woolf’s writing desk; Annie Oakley’s tiny heart-shaped target pierced by a bullet hole; Robert Smithson’s spiral jetty; and a cast of the veiny hands of Daniel
  2. The Public Domain – Is It Going To The Birds?, JD Supra (press release)
    The works affected are estimated to number in the millions and could include films by Alfred Hitchcock, such as The Birds; books by Virginia Woolf, such as Mrs. Dalloway; symphonies by Prokofiev, such as Peter and the Wolf; and paintings by Picasso,
  3. Dorrit Cohn, 87; among Harvard’s first tenured female professors, Boston.com
    Kacandes added that Dr. Cohn’s work “changed forever how we read” writers such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Franz Kafka. In large measure, Dr. Cohn cared less about plot than “how stories are told,” her son said, “and in particular how
  4. Reality Mom: Interview with Sheila Hageman. author of Stripping Down, Ballard News Tribune
    Do you have a Phantom, as Virginia Woolf calls it, that you need to kill in order to write? Mine is my son’s teacher. I live in fear that she’ll read one of my articles that involves sex. SH: I think my phantom is plural! They are my grown-up children.
  5. The Smithsonian will convince you that videogames are art, Entertainment Weekly
    Virginia Woolf wrote a couple of books about women who carefully construct their parties as a form of art. Really, everyone could be called an “artist” — except for maybe Brett Ratner. Roger Ebert seemed to realize this point when, after throwing down
  6. Training The Black Dog, Jewish United Fund
    JK Rowling, Rosie O’Donnell and Sheryl Crow suffer from it; Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Kurt Cobain famously lost their fight with it. Depression. There; I have said it, spoken of the Voldemort of diagnoses, The Condition That Shall Not Be Named,
  7. Audiobooks are going Hollywood for classics, Ottawa Citizen
    “And then she went in and did one” (Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf). The actors choose a book from a company list. Jackson’s performance of the classic 1960s novel A Rage in Harlem runs nearly 51/2 hours — a mid-range length (which explains why
  8. Ashland theater group forced to take its show on the road, Mail Tribune
    Grizzard is performing a one-woman stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25, at the center as a fundraiser for the theater. Another production is planned there in August. Grizzard and representatives
  9. An English mansion comes to life in ‘Inheritance’, Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
    Another Sackville descendent, famous in her day, was the poet Vita Sackville-West (1892-1962), who had an affair with novelist Virginia Woolf (who wrote “Orlando” about her). Her love of Knole was a recipe for heartbreak, for due to the laws of
  10. A good mindset, Business Mirror
    You channel your efforts to have a nose like Nicole Kidman’s, aiming for something like Satine from Moulin Rouge, but you might end with Virginia Woolf from The Hours instead. We know of a few celebrities going under the knife multiple times and end up
  11. The Soul of the New Hacktivist, New York Times
    This week, on one of several Twitter accounts that claim to be affiliated with Anonymous, there came a call to donate money to put up billboards saying “Don’t Mess With the Internet,” alongside put-downs of “traitors” and quotes from Virginia Woolf and
  12. Audiobooks are turning to Hollywood to bring classic novels to life, Deseret News
    “A Rage in Harlem” by Chester Himes; Susan Sarandon performing “The Member of the Wedding” by Carson McCullers; Kate Winslet performing “Therese Raquin” by Emile Zola; Nicole Kidman performing “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf; and many more.
  13. Piercing performance, Denton Record Chronicle
    This meeting results in a slow-moving confrontation that gradually gains steam, ending in a wild, Virginia Woolf-inspired showdown among the foursome. The dialogue grows nastier, and wittier, as all pretenses of civility disappear.
  14. Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner – review, The Guardian
    Lolly Willowes calls for “a life of one’s own” three years before Virginia Woolf’s impassioned cry for a room. “We have more need of you,” she explains to the devil. “Women have such vivid imaginations, and lead such dull lives.
  15. The language of silence finds a voice, Russia Beyond The Headlines
    It is a tension Virginia Woolf identified in “A Room of One’s Own:” Is a book important if it deals with war and not if it deals with “the feelings of women?” Elena Chizhova . Source : ITAR – TASS.
  16. Kyo Maclear isn’t afraid of Virginia Woolf, National Post
    The life of Virginia Woolf does not seem likely to inspire a children’s book; the writer struggled with depression and mental illness for much of her life, and eventually committed suicide at the age of 59. Although she has included references to
  17. Zionism, Meet Feminism, Daily Beast
    In Three Guineas, Virginia Woolf wrote, “As a woman my country is the whole world.” I used to believe this; I thought divisions of nation, race, class, and faith could be trumped by a universalist
  18. Win a weekend’s stay in London to celebrate Dickens 2012, The Guardian
    Situated in the heart of bookish Bloomsbury, an area once home to literary legends such as Virginia Woolf and EM Forster, the Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street is London’s literary hotel and remains a tranquil haven from the busy capital,
  19. Canadian author Craig Taylor really listened to create an oral portrait of , Toronto Star
    He’s reading Virginia Woolf and James Joyce, observing old men dozing behind the Times Literary Supplement and intense young novelists. Naturally, the question arises, could a similar book be written about a Canadian city? Imagine, Haligonians.
  20. What We’re Reading, New Yorker (blog)
    Virginia Woolf admitted in her diary that Mansfield’s was “the only writing I have ever been jealous of”; yet Mansfield has never been read widely enough, perhaps because she wrote stories rather than novels, or perhaps because she was a New Zealander
  21. John Carter, Cowfish, Lights, Tosh.O, RhinoTimes.com Greensboro
    The elite of Burroughs’ time, of course, was in the process of destroying literature – this was the era of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, when writing began to be about the writer instead of a subject matter, when writing became a conversation among
  22. Inside Books: Mum’s the word, Spectator.co.uk (blog)
    There’s a similar set up with Mrs Ramsay in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. Again, here is a perfect mother, caring for her children and husband above all else. Her overwhelming positivity opens the book, with ‘Yes, of course, if it’s fine tomorrow
  23. Trivial Things To Know About Nicole Kidman [PHOTOS], International Business Times AU
    when she is with ex-hubby Tom Cruise during various awards night. One of her greatest dedication to her craft was for her role as Virginia Woolf in ‘The Hours’ where she trained herself to write with her right hand even if she is really right-handed.
  24. It’s Not Just Rush, Slate Magazine
    Or Virginia Woolf commenting that the wild, moral-flouting Rebecca West looked like a “gypsy.” But the strange thing is that it is still going on. The word slut may not always be explicitly uttered but an amateur anthropologist will note the exact same
  25. So to Speak | Joe Blundo commentary: For his bracket, two planets align — but , Columbus Dispatch
    But, because I don’t know Virginia Commonwealth from Virginia Woolf, I decided not to confine myself to basketball. Which will last longer? The smart money is still on eternity. But if Mitt Romney keeps whiffing on the knockout punch, who knows?
  26. After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses, New York Times (blog)
    including Arnold Palmer (who wrote the entry on the Masters tournament) and Panthea Reid, professor emeritus at Louisiana State University and author of the biography “Art and Affection: A Life of Virginia Woolf” (who wrote about Virginia Woolf).
  27. Audiobooks are going Hollywood, Los Angeles Times
    “And then she went in and did one” (“Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf). The actors usually choose a book from a list provided by the company. Jackson’s performance of the classic 1960s con novel “A Rage in Harlem” runs nearly 51/2 hours — a midrange
  28. Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich Need a Lesson in Women’s History, U.S. News & World Report (blog)
    Rick Santorum or former House Speaker Newt Gingrich ever read Virginia Woolf? Do they even know who Margaret Sanger is? What about the spitfire Quaker Alice Paul? She led the women suffrage movement to victory over seven or more years of struggle.
  29. The 20th century through the eyes and ears of the BBC, MiamiHerald.com
    Under “British Novelists,” the chronological DVD starts in 1919 and includes Evelyn Waugh (“Brideshead Revisited”) and has the only voice recording made of writer Virginia Woolf. Episode two’s “The Age of Anxiety, 1945-1969” has JRR Tolkien (“The Lord
  30. #Ididnotreport that these streets do not belong to me, EastLondonLines
    But #Ididnotreport has given new levels of depth to Virginia Woolf’s belief that: “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” Anonymous is still a woman, but now faceless interaction has allowed us to share and assimilate in a way never before

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This week’s Woolf sightings include Woolf novels read by famous voices #21-23, Woolf as a top 10 Sheba #30 and Woolf in a graphic novel #56.

  1. Audacious, enjoyable bilingual co-production from Scottish and Québécois companies, The List
    The eponymous heroine of this enjoyable co-production between Scotland’s Stellar Quines and Québécois company Imago Théâtre is one of those everlasting figures present throughout history, a cross between Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Dr Who, ..
  2. American Mavericks review: ‘Barstow’ a highlight, San Francisco Chronicle
    The first performance of Morton Subotnick’s monodrama “Jacob’s Room” wound up Sunday’s concert, a somber and dramatically static treatment of both Virginia Woolf and Nicholas Gage’s war memoir “Eleni” with La Barbara as soloist.
  3. The Monday Book: Pantheon by Sam Bourne, The Independent
    he is encountering passionate advocates of the theory of eugenics — notions of perfecting the race seriously entertained by such 20th-century intellectuals as Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, HG Wells, John Maynard Keynes and Virginia Woolf.
  4. Pens and ink still have the write stuff, Global Edmonton
    The research began when Bishop looked into how some small, private presses had published books by Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. He asked a librarian for the go-to text on ink, and was told there wasn’t one. “That’s kind of where the seed was planted.
  5. Q&A: Alison Bechdel, Author of Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama, Library Journal
    This is your To the Lighthouse, though, in the way that you intercut so many people’s biographies—from Winnicott’s to Virginia Woolf’s. Your voracious synthesis of seemingly disparate sources is a clear sign that you’re a novelist.
  6. The Best-Laid Teaching Schemes, Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
    When we’re covering James Joyce in 50 minutes on Monday, Virginia Woolf on Wednesday, and TS Eliot on Friday, are we really helping them learn content that they understand, that matters to them, and that will remain in their brains beyond the span of
  7. The first ‘maverick’ chamber music program, Examiner.com
    The point of departure was Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same name, but with excursions into Eleni, Nicholas Gage’s 1983 memoir of his mother’s execution during the Greek civil war. Here, again, La Barbara’s amplification seemed to work against the
  8. Book events, Arizona Daily Star
    Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own.” Presented by Bill Fry. 10 am-noon. March 15. Free. 229-5300. Main Library Book Club – Joel D. Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone Ave. “Mudbound” by Hillary Jordan. Noon-1 pm March 15. Free. 791-4010.
  9. “Eernal Equinox” – Where Love, Freedom and Art Mingle, Examiner.com
    “Eternal Equinox,” a Grove Theater Center production at 59E59 Theaters, takes place in 1923 on an imagined day in the life of artist Vanessa Bell (wife of Clive Bell, a man of many mistresses, and sister to Virginia Woolf), played by Hollis McCarthy,
  10. Florence + the Machine, Alexandra Palace, The Arts Desk
    a song about having pockets full of stones, and suddenly you realise where you’ve seen that statuesque beauty (I think the preferred euphemism is “Roman”) and the rather strictly tied back hairdo: it’s mad old Virginia Woolf, everybody!
  11. What’s family dinner without spite and booze?, Winnipeg Free Press
    It could be renamed Long Day’s Journey With Virginia Woolf on a Hot Tin Roof for the profane frankness with which the brood’s alcoholism, drug addiction, incest and suicide is revealed. What stands out is the gleeful nastiness on display that has the
  12. Flourish at the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth, This is Plymouth
    work includes choreography/performance by Saffy Setohy, dramaturgy by Alicia Grace, sound by Nick Mott and video by Charlotte Jackman. Shore-Line was inspired by the female soliloquies and coastal themes in the literary work of Virginia Woolf.
  13. A Shed of One’s Own: middle age as a rolling series of crises, The National
    Just as Virginia Woolf’s room for women was not a real room, so Marcus Berkmann’s shed for middle-aged men is a metaphor. The problem with middle age, he feels, is that the detritus of modern life offers little mental respite.
  14. Naked truth: Lust isn’t always more, New York Post
    Set at Charleston, the country home shared by the unmarried lovers Bell and Grant — and a meeting place for Bell’s sister, Virginia Woolf, and EM Forster, among others — the play takes place in 1923, the year before Mallory (Christian Pedersen) makes
  15. Audible Launches New Audiobook Series Featuring Hollywood Stars, Huffington Post
    Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet. Each audiobook costs $14.95 and lasts several hours – in the case of Kate Winslet’s reading of “Therese Raquin” by Emile Zola, eight of them. • Annette Bening reading “Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf.
  16. About the British Library’s current exhibition, The Guardian
    Featuring a range of stunning items, some of which have never been seen before, Writing Britain will draw on the breadth of the Library’s collections to explore how writers from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf and Hanif Kureishi have been
  17. Unconventional ‘Carmen’ photos take center stage at Charles Krause/Reporting , Washington Post
    Most of the 11 women’s names are from ancient times and sources, although a few derive from feminist icons of more recent vintage: pioneering 17th-century painter Artemisia Gentileschi, “A Room of One’s Own” author Virginia Woolf and “The Girl With the
  18. The Black Sheep of Broadway, New York Post
    This domestic drama sounds straight out of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?-but it’s a real-life saga, pulled from New York State Supreme Court records chronicling the war between Eric Nederlander and his soon-to-be ex-wife,
  19. Criminal charges filed against 4 Occupy Cal protestors, Berkeleyside
    I participated in the Occupy Cal rally on Sproul Plaza on November 9 (my sign, “We’re Afraid for Virginia Woolf,” made it to the Daily Cal’s top 10) and stayed for the general assembly. The organizers of Occupy Cal asked those who were willing to stay
  20. A Room of One’s Own addresses women’s rights, Georgia Today (subscription)
    The title comes from English writer Virginia Woolf’s book-length essay of the same name according to which “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to make something worthy.” The exhibition is conceptually designed to fit the feminist
  21. Anne Hathaway, Samuel L. Jackson and other celebrities record books for Audible, New York Daily News (blog)
    Even more exciting is the forthcoming Colin Firth version of Graham Greene’s “The End of the Affair” and Nicole Kidman’s “To the Lighthouse,” the Virginia Woolf masterpiece. There will also be recordings by Naomi Watts (“Summer,” by Edith Wharton),
  22. Audible Launches New Series With Famous Voices, Publishers Weekly
    The titles are available as part of Audible’s membership, which lets subscribers download any single book for free with a 30-day trial, and after that is $14.95 a month. Annette Bening reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf.
  23. Google to Add Audiobooks to Google Play, Good E-Reader (blog)
    Some examples include – Naomi Watts (”Summer,” by Edith Wharton), Dustin Hoffman (”Being There,” by Jerzy Kosinski), Annette Bening (”Mrs. Dalloway,” by Virginia Woolf), Samuel L. Jackson (”A Rage in Harlem,” by Chester Himes) and Kim Basinger (”The
  24. The feminisation of madness is crazy, The Guardian
    a world that equates female genius too closely with insanity: from the madwoman in the attic in Jane Eyre and Shakespeare’s Ophelia to Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Dorothy Parker – maybe even Amy Winehouse.
  25. We Take Care of Right-Wing Nonsense about Bruce…, The Nation. (blog)
    Acorn’s documentary line Athena, of IN THEIR OWN WORDS, a series which features interviews and short readings by Sigmund Freud, George Orwell, Ian Fleming, Evelyn Waugh, among many others, and the only surviving voice recording of Virginia Woolf.
  26. Come on, women, let’s stop sweating the small stuff, Irish Independent
    Virginia Woolf’s essay, ‘A Room of One’s Own’, proposes the theory that women lacked power because they had neither the time, space or financial independence to think. More than 80 years later, women remain absent from seats of power.
  27. Slideshow: Southease – picture-book pretty, Sussex Express
    Interestingly the body of Sussex writer Virginia Woolf was found at Asham Wharf, on the east bank of the Ouse, to the north of the bridge, after she committed suicide. The village enjoys several community events during the year, including the Spring
  28. Oscar’s checkered past, Bennington Banner
    Sandy Dennis gave her “Virginia Woolf” Oscar to her business manager, whether out of kindness or the wish to make a subtly damning statement is anyone’s guess. Not having seen any of the major winners, I’m afraid I can’t comment on the results of the
  29. Fun between the covers with long-dead strangers, The Canberra Times
    I was recently reading the memoirs of Leonard Woolf, the publisher, author, and husband to Virginia. At one point, he wrote of his wife’s madness, arguing that there is no easy split between sanity and insanity. ”Everyone,” he wrote in Beginning ..
  30. Top 10 Sheiks and Shebas of the 1920s from Vixen author Jillian Larkin, Sugarscape
    I would settle back into a booth and imagine Virginia Woolf on my left and EM Forster on my right. I still can’t get over how many remarkable people hit their professional peaks within the same marvelous decade! With that in mind, I’ve put together a
  31. Fitzrovia goes Ga Ga goo, Fitzrovia News
    From Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf to Malcolm McLaren (the founder of the Sex Pistols,) by way of Dylan Thomas and Oscar Wilde, many have moved to Fitzrovia to seek their muse. Here at FN our humble team now wonders where the 25 year old New
  32. Queer Girl City Guide: Brighton, UK, Autostraddle
    Also apparently Virginia Woolf and her lover Vita had sexytime here! The safest go-to club night is “Girls on Top” on Thursdays at Revenge. The club is the biggest gay dancing establishment in the South East of England and attracts hundreds of girls
  33. Pay gap between women and men: EU must act, says opinion poll, European Parliament (press release)
    Mr Gustafsson said: “Virginia Woolf spoke out about the importance for women to have a room of one’s own. It is less well known that she also spoke out about the need for women to have money of their own. It was true then – and it is true today.
  34. Devotionals of Planets and Pop, New York Times
    Singing in an assertive yet girlish coo with a fluidity that attested to lessons in Indian devotional music, Ms. Holter effectively pared down songs that converse knowingly with Virginia Woolf and Frank O’Hara, preserving their lyrical integrity and
  35. We have to see to it if being a slut is that easy, Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
    As Virginia Woolf has always said, we will write without thinking what men would say. Both for the woman in Iraq, and also for the woman in the Aegean,” explained Hangül as she described their road map. They will write because in our country women are
  36. Uncollected Collections: John Updike’s ‘Higher Gossip: Essays and Criticism’, PopMatters
    This segues into a series of reviews that edify both the lay reader and would-be critic: of the biographer Hermione Lee, Updike suggests she personally prefers Virginia Woolf to Edith Wharton, a subtle indicator of how very well read Updike was.
  37. Daniel Land & The Modern Painters Announce New Album, Altsounds.com
    Other literary references that occur throughout the album are too numerous to mention but Daniel identifies the likes of Virginia Woolf, Edmund White, Pier Vittorio Tondelli, Joseph Olshan, Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and, ‘erm, Stephen King’ as
  38. Iranians to learn about The Grotesque, Iran Book News Agency
    Farzaneh Taheri has translated theoretic and literary books such as ‘Metaphor’ by Terence Hawkes, ‘Expressionism’ by RS Furness, ‘Literary Theory: a very short introduction’ by Jonathan Culler, ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ by Virginia Woolf, ‘Structuralism in
  39. In Their Own Words, DVD Talk
    The first episode, “Among the Ruins: 1919-1939,” goes into some depth on the Virginia Woolf-encircling Bloomsbury Group, which also encompassed some of the other great novelists of the period, such as EM Forster (A Passage to India, Howards End) and
  40. The Depressing Reality of Women Directed Films in 2012, Indie Wire (blog)
    Your argument is the old, tired, worn-out drivel addressed nearly a hundred years ago by Virginia Woolf (Please catch up! It’s pathetic that I’m having to repeat something written by Woolf so long ago in response to the same sad, tired arguments
  41. Creativity may save us from tide of technology, The Independent
    She was cycling to visit Virginia Woolf in Rodmel, Sussex, but felt anxious about her lack of a corset. So she dropped into a shop in a local village and bought a birdcage. She was later found, by other arriving lunch guests, in a hedgerow,
  42. Media Release: 1000 National Treasures Captured in New Edition of The Most , PR Web (press release)
    Heritage destinations like the Astor family’s London mansion Two Temple Place or Virginia Woolf’s own rooms at Monk’s House, join recent attractions like Glasgow’s stunning and futuristic Riverside Transport Museum and the Turner Contemporary on the
  43. Boris is better at his job than fighting elections battles, Evening Standard
    Ever since Virginia Woolf, the liberal Left have been in anguish over their relationships with their staff. But friendship can be a cover for unreasonable demands. In Los Angeles, for instance, Mexican “friends” look to me to be closer to slave labour.
    In short, it may not be haunted by the ghost of Virginia Woolf, but at least it’s not haunted! Moreover, its location makes it ideal to get to the Olympic park – this really being a major bonus.” Gloria, Joe and daughter, Harper are exchanging their
  45. Women who write and the androgyny of great writing, Sunday’s Zaman
    “We all need heroes, but we don’t need heroes of whom we are uncritical, because unless we criticize them we can’t find the heroism in ourselves,” the 64 –year-old author said, adding: “When Virginia Woolf came to İstanbul at the age of twenty-four,
  46. New Republic Gets an Owner Steeped in New Media, New York Times (blog)
    Founded in 1914 by the political journalist Walter Lippmann, it has long been a part of the liberal movement, counting presidents as readers, including John F. Kennedy, and luminaries as writers, including George Orwell, Virginia Woolf and Philip Roth.
  47. Local composer Argento honored by University of Maryland, Pioneer Press
    Many of the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer’s most famous pieces will be performed, including “From the Diary of Virginia Woolf,” “Miss Manners on Music” and “A Water Bird Talk.” The festival reaches its peak between April 20 and 29, when 20 events
  48. Alain de Botton’s Desert Island Books, Huffington Post UK (blog)
    I’d love to go on holiday with Virginia Woolf. She’d be super observant, catty, fun – and (on good day) excellent company. We’d gossip about our fellow guests in a hotel, eavesdrop on people in shops and (perhaps) try some jetskiing, which Woolf would
  49. ‘Friends with Kids’, Lackluster Comedy, College Times
    We’re talking Virginia Woolf levels of bitterness, pent up frustrated and barely masked hatred. Doesn’t sound like it fits inside a romantic comedy? It doesn’t. Unfortunately, it’s also the best part of this movie. One scene does not make a film.
  50. March of the women: discovering classical music’s forgotten voices, The Guardian
    Virginia Woolf said you need £500 per year and a room with a lock on the door if you’re going to write fiction. How much more is that the case when you’re composing music where to make a gesture that lasts a split second could take you two weeks,
  51. A Life’s Profusion of Blooms, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    Mr. Goodwin, who is renowned for his graduate seminars on the Bloomsbury Group — paintings by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and tiles from Virginia Woolf’s garden table are tucked about the house — strolled into the garden at sunset.
  52. Review for flats plan at Conan Doyle’s Undershaw, Get Surrey
    He entertained notable figures there, including Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, Peter Pan creator JM Barrie, and Virginia Woolf. Conan Doyle built the house so his wife, who was suffering from tuberculosis, could benefit from a healthy environment and
  53. A Tribute to Mary…, About – News & Issues
    Besides being the “mother of feminism,” she’s famous as the mother of Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein), and for inspiring other women like Virginia Woolf. Mary Wollstonecraft died shortly after giving birth to her daughter, but she left behind a
  54. A day in the life of… Virginia Woolf, Student Direct
    Rachel Longworth spends 24 hours as the Bloomsbury behemoth, but stops short of hurling herself into a lake. A panda eats, shoots and leaves to extinction? I woke up in the morning- it was a splendid morning too, looked out of my window,
  55. The killer comeback, Times LIVE
    David Cecil, Desmond Tutu, Khanyi Mbau, Nelson Mandela and Virginia Woolf – oh, stuff the order – these people, big and small, dead and alive, have uttered some of my favourite retorts. Period. Forget Winston Churchill, who had such a flair for this
  56. Graphic Novels & Art-Comics – March 2012, A.V. Club New York
    But the most devastating story in Athos In America is “The Brain That Wouldn’t Virginia Woolf,” in which the love affair between a bickering couple—a scientist and his wife’s disembodied head—is told backward, beginning in bitter acrimony and then
  57. “When in Doubt, Seduce”, New York Magazine
    “Alex North stood up to the studio for me on Virginia Woolf … try this tres leches flavor, it’s delicious … can you make that trumpet get louder and louder?” His response to the music is no less acute for the cloud of doughnut dust it emerges from;
  58. Film fest to mark 75th International Women’s Day, Times of India
    The Hours, Stephen Daldry’s award-winning American drama, featuring Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep, depicts three women of different generations whose lives are interconnected by Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs Dalloway.
  59. Did Michael Jackson Have Autism?, Autism Key (blog)
    It has been speculated that Virginia Woolf, William Shakespeare, Hans Christian Anderson, Goethe, Alexander Graham Bell, Emily Dickinson, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Catherine the Great and Leonardo da Vinci all had some form of autism.
  60. I’ll Just Admit It… Why I’m Not a Patriot, Patheos (blog)
    This is the first line of a Virginia Woolf quote, ” As a woman I have no country. as a woman my country is the whole world”. A small part of my worried that some might assume I am denouncing the US and all it has afforded me. Hardly.
  61. Eat Like a Peasant and Other Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill, SecondAct (satire) (blog)
    I agree with Virginia Woolf, who famously said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” And for most of us, dining well just means taking a little extra time to properly season and cook simple foods.

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Well, it’s true that Virginia Woolf didn’t know about Skyping (#15), but she is among this week’s top tweets (#39) and is listed as one of the top highlights in women’s history (#3). You’ll also find her photo among those included in the slide show at the Women’s History Month website.

Scroll down for more Woolf sightings, including her appearance in a 1970s-era science fiction novel (#29).

  1. New York: Morgan Library’s exhibition is a creature feature, Los Angeles Times
    Artists represented include Albrecht Dürer, TS Eliot, David Hockney, George Orwell, Sergei Prokofiev, EB White and Virginia Woolf. Highlights include a first edition of Haydn’s “Creation” (in which a “roaring” lion is represented with bass trills and
  2. Upstairs Downstairs: episode three, The Guardian (blog)
    All the signs were there: inquiring mind, no makeup, Virginia Woolf-type clothes, comfortable shoes… And lo, here comes Portia (Emilia Fox), the author of The Golden Blaze, a swoonsome novel detailing their romance amongst the archaeological ruins of
  3. March highlights in US women’s history, ReporterNews.com
    March 23, 1917: Virginia Woolf establishes the Hogarth Press with her husband, Leonard Woolf. March 31, 1888: The National Council of Women of the US is organized by Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Julia Ward Howe and Sojourner Truth, among others;
  4. Teju Cole’s mesmerizing ‘Open City’ up for the NBCC fiction award, Plain Dealer
    Cole’s approach is frequently compared to WG Sebald’s, but the fluidity and contingency put me in mind of Virginia Woolf’s. Last month, Cole told the Hindu magazine that he tucked into his novel a “very close, formal analogue” to a story in James
  5. The aire of the Soulquarians, CBC Radio 3 (blog)
    known as one of three air signs in the western zodiac, is famous for a long list of important thinkers and artists, which include Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Anton Chekov, Mozart, Angela Davis, Virginia Woolf, Germaine Greer, Oprah Winfrey,
  6. Biography: Wilberforce: Family and Friends, By Anne Stott, The Independent
    James Stephen, the great-grandfather of Virginia Woolf, married Wilberforce’s beloved sister Sally after she was widowed, and Zachary Macaulay (father of the historian Thomas Babbington Macaulay) became a stalwart abolitionist and friend to the
  7. Women in word, Deccan Herald
    This is best brought out by Michael Cunningham in The Hours when he writes about Virginia Woolf beginning Mrs Dalloway: “Her mind hums. This morning she may penetrate the obfuscation, the clogged pipes, to reach the gold. She can feel it inside her,
  8. Albee Is Ready to Revisit His Past, New York Times
    Mr. Albee has always been lacerating, whether in his get-the-guests parlor games of “Virginia Woolf” and “Lady From Dubuque” or his public fury when the producers of “Dubuque” quickly closed the Broadway show. (He openly referred to them as “the seven
  9. Five Best: Elizabeth Lowry, Wall Street Journal
    In a flashback to 1923, meanwhile, the reluctantly childless Virginia Woolf struggles to begin “Mrs. Dalloway” (working title, “The Hours”), which was Laura Brown’s preferred reading and appears to be the linking text in this plangent, tightly wrought
  10. Lost Souls in Sydney, CounterPunch
    She is sustained by moments of transcendence much like Virginia Woolf’s characters, with whom she shares a certain affinity. Here, for example, a moment from her childhood, when hunger and poverty were always present: “And when snow at last came,
  11. About this article, The Guardian
    For another, it chimed nicely with the 1920s trend for gentle literary fantasy, recalling Lady Into Fox (1922) by Townsend Warner’s good friend David Garnett, and anticipating such works as Virginia Woolf’s Orlando (1928) and Rebecca West’s Harriet
  12. Townsend Harris Teacher Wins $25000 Milken Award, New York Times
    Mr. Olechowski also teaches a colloquium-style course for 12th graders at Queens College, in which students read a classic of Western literature each week “from the Bible to Virginia Woolf” and get college credit. “There almost isn’t any real teaching;
  13. Theatre Review: Soulpepper’s Long Day’s Journey into Night works the The , National Post
    Her solo performance, of a script written by herself and her director Nir Paldi (with acknowledgments to Anne Sexton, Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath, which should give you an idea) is mostly sung, a capella. This turns out to be an extraordinary
  14. London Loves – An introduction to In The Know, Telegraph.co.uk
    London has produced dazzling writers from Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf to Oscar Wilde and Ian Fleming. It continues to foster some of our greatest literature, inspired by animated pub conversations in Bloomsbury, walks on Hampstead Heath and
  15. Adam Wilson, author of ‘Flatscreen,’ talks about sex, drugs, and misery, but , Capital New York
    “It’s the one thing we can contribute to literature,” he said, his voice taking on a wry tone. “No one’s going to write Ulysses or To the Lighthouse again. But Joyce or Virginia Woolf couldn’t tell you about Skyping.
  16. Chelsey Flood, First Story writer-in-residence, interviews young writer Wes Brown, The Periscope Post
    I’m also very keen on Virginia Woolf and George Eliot. I think I’ve only really started writing in the last year. The stories, and failed novel attempts before were all kind of first base. Shark is an attempt at British social realism with American
  17. Our Meds, Ourselves, CU Columbia Spectator
    “Do you think Virginia Woolf would’ve ever written Mrs. Dalloway if someone had just handed her a Prozac at 20?” I ask a writer friend of mine one day on East Campus. “No, she wouldn’t have,” he says, pausing. “But in the same vein, do you think [our
  18. Local literary organization supports writers and schools worldwide, Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
    During the course of this conversation, we talked about Virginia Woolf’s dictum that a writer needs “a room of one’s own” in order to create her work and we lamented the number of people whose stories are being untold due to lacking the privileges
  19. Railway engineering: the nuts and bolts of hidden beauty, The Guardian
    The mosaics feature Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill, Virginia Woolf and others as muses and “modern virtues”; they are fun. They may be no oil painting – but how can anything so big be so invisible? Is it a question of slowing one’s pace,
  20. ‘I’d like to thank all the people who will still employ me…’, The Independent
    She helmed a moderately well-received Virginia Woolf adaptation, Mrs Dalloway (1997), The Luzhin Defence (2000), and Carolina (2003), a romantic comedy starring Shirley MacLaine. Nonetheless, her career tailed off. Although she did go on to make Within
  21. Check It Out at the Library: Worth noting: Early women writers were ‘firsts , Enterprise-Record
    20th century writers identified in the exhibition included Willa Cather (1873-1947), Flannery O’Connor (1925-1964), Katherine Anne Porter (1890-1980), Gertrude Stein (1874-1946), Eudora Welty (1909-2001) and Virginia Woolf (1882-1941).
  22. Losing Bialystoker home; Losing the love in LES, The Villager
    Present joys are precious — what Virginia Woolf called “Moments of Being.” What I find most heartening is her reaction to people who enter her room. She says, “I love you” or “I love him” or “You are my favorite dress.” She is pure love.
  23. Gail Jones’ ‘Five Bells’ Is a Slow, Satisfying Meditation on Memory and Moving , PopMatters
    Though Jones makes frequent reference to Russian writers (Gogol, Pasternak), her most obvious literary cousin is Virginia Woolf, who also dealt in metaphors of time and water, and who relegated plot to secondary status in order to give stream of
  24. Memoirs of an Earth Mama, University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily
    It was then that I realized the truth in the wisdom of Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse”: It is not the destination that matters, but rather the journey. My journey with The Cavalier Daily had ended when I hung up my editing hat,
  25. Last Wednesday Book Club: Mrs. Dalloway, 6News Lawrence
    This month the library’s Last Wednesday Book Club will discuss Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Virginia Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness masterpiece follows Clarissa Dalloway through the course of a day as she prepares to host a party in the evening.
  26. ‘Writing Britain: Wastelands To Wonderlands’ Exhibition to Celebrate Authors , Huffington Post UK
    Writing Britain: Wastelands To Wonderlands will look at how writers from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf and Hanif Kureishi have been inspired by the British landscape. The show, part of the London 2012 Festival coinciding with the Olympics,
  27. Get To Know… Amen Dunes, ChartAttack
    Beyond music, Damon spend his time buried in Virginia Woolf and writing short story after short story, though he was a little too embarrassed to share some over the phone. After living in China, he moved back stateside and actually made an album in New
  28. Jewish silver craft preserved alive in Yemen, Bikya Masr
    a vision of a better future safely anchored in the scandalous strength of the past, or in the words of Virginia Woolf: “The present when backed by the past is a thousand times deeper than the present when it presses so close that you feel nothing.”
  29. 10 Weirdest Science Fiction Novels That You’ve Never Read, io9
    Later, Benaroya disguises herself as Emma Peel (from The Avengers) and author Virginia Woolf. Other members of her species are disguised as Abraham Lincoln and George S. Patton, while their support drones look like Richard Nixon.

    Passing for Human

  30. “Dance Visions”, New University Online
    The first piece, titled “Mein Zimmer” (or “My Room”), focused on the emotional aspects of containment as described by the Virginia Woolf quote: “I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in.
  31. Room for Debate: Am I Smarter Than You?, Gawker
    This weekend I wrote two novels, one biography of Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf’s sister, a graphic novel about life during China’s Cultural Revolution, and a guide to defragging your PC hard drive. (That last one was more of a pamphlet, but whatever.)
  32. Shepard Fairey Pleads Guilty: Five Other Art-Related Crimes, International Business Times
    In one of the most bizarre, preemptive, wonderful artpranks of all time, proto-feminist literarian Virginia Woolf boarded a ship, the HMS Dreadnought, in an English bay with a gang of pals. They dyed their skins and put on costumes and somehow got word
  33. Authors strut their stuff, The Phoenix
    (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) — not to be confused with the PD Eastman classic — Bechdel mines her fraught relationship with her icy, thwarted maternal unit; Gloria Steinem compares it to “a comic book by Virginia Woolf.”| Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle
  34. Belding: Having a personal life provides solid foundation for social life, Iowa State Daily
    things like television, Facebook, Twitter and texting or instant messaging several people at the same time, what I understand to be the “room of one’s own” sense about which Virginia Woolf wrote — is a prerequisite to entry into public view.
  35. How Financial Crisis, Economic Inequality, Social Media, and More Brought , truthout
    Virginia Woolf famously wrote “On or about December 1910, human character changed.” She was absolutely right to spot an inflection point. When the masses became exposed to mass consumption, cinema, holidays, unified information that everybody could get
  36. Downton Abbey and the politics of work, The Guardian (blog)
    As Alison Light reveals in her book Mrs Woolf and the Servants, Virginia Woolf complained bitterly about her servants, and had an intense, difficult relationship with them that a psychoanalyst would surely define as co-dependence.
  37. ‘Why Be Happy’ elegant in style, Toronto Sun
    won the Whitbread Award for best first novel and inspired an award-winning BBC television adaptation, Jeannette Winterson declared herself the greatest living writer and the only real heir to the talent of Virginia Woolf. Be that as it may,
  38. `Cinema, literature on a par, building new synergy`, Zee News
    permission to film his novels for fear of falsification of the original content and Virginia Woolf who passionately affirmed the power of the figure of speech and uniqueness of literary experience over the limited objective of cinema,” Ghosh said.
  39. Tweets of the Week, Patch.com
    Check it out (and lets hope… fb.me/1Ga1XuLfY @WillowStreet One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ~Virginia Woolf pic.twitter.com/73esFw9L @MaryPopeHandy Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent.
  40. Love knows no boundaries, says Mazhar-ul-Islam, The News International
    Recently Rizwana Mustafa, an M Phil student of the Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) published a thesis on ‘Stream of Consciousness as a Narrative Technique: a Comparative Study of Virginia Woolf and Mazhar-ul-Islam’. The comparative study of Woolf
  41. Virginia Woolf, Critic, New Yorker (blog)
    Well, a generous reader has sent along a link to a 1926 article by Virginia Woolf, “The Cinema” (of course, at the time, this meant the silent cinema), which is, to my mind, one of the finest pieces of film criticism I’ve ever read. have become not
  42. “The Gaming Table” at the Folger Theatre: Girl Power, The Hillishome
    Virginia Woolf famously lamented the unhappy lot that would have meant being Shakespeare’s sister: Meanwhile his extraordinarily gifted sister, let us suppose, remained at home. She was as adventurous, as imaginative, as agog to see the world as he was
  43. A Gertrude Stein Reader, New York Times
    Virginia Woolf must have felt the same way. Writing to Vita Sackville-West in 1925, she said of Stein, “I think her dodge is to repeat the same word 100 times over in different connections, until at last you feel the force of it.” In 1926, Virginia and
  44. The Pippiest Place on Earth, New York Times
    I remember going to Bloomsbury on my own literary pilgrimage to see the house where Virginia Woolf lived. I squealed in delight when a friend in an adjoining building had a great view of her house’s backyard.
  45. Britons dress to impress at the Oscars, The Guardian
    And it was Potter’s feature debut, Orlando, starring Tilda Swinton as Virginia Woolf’s apparently immortal transgender writer, that first brought Powell international attention. Potter is lavish in her praise of Powell’s work on the film.
  46. Capital by John Lanchester – review, The Guardian
    At best, they have substance without vitality: as Virginia Woolf said of Arnold Bennett, he tries “to hypnotize us into the belief that, because he has made a house, there must be a person living there”. At worst, they are caricatures.
  47. Cry of the Hawk: NH Alumni Elly Zupko publishes book: The War Master’s Daughter, my.hsj.org
    There are many famous authors in history who also self- published their own work, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman,Thomas Paine, Edgar Allan Poe, TS Elliot, Henry David Thoreau, Virginia Woolf. According to Zupko, The War Master’s Daughter tells the story of
  48. David Szalay: The nature of pleasure, National Post
    My point is, reading Agatha Christie (for example) has far more in common with watching sport than it does with reading (for example) Virginia Woolf. The fact that we call The Murder of Roger Ackroyd “a novel” and also call To The Lighthouse “a novel”
  49. A Publisher’s Year: Moneyball, National Post
    The winning publisher was Hogarth Press, founded by Virginia Woolf and her husband nearly a century ago, and recently relaunched. “So, that’s what we’re up against. We can go in and try and purchase something at a price we can manage, and promise a
  50. Moving to The Big Smoke, Xtra.ca
    In researching women’s experiences with depression, she turned to the works of Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf, three successful writers who suffered lifelong depression that ultimately resulted in suicide.
  51. ‘Shakespeare’s Sisters’ at the Folger Shakespeare Library, New York Times
    WASHINGTON — “Let me imagine,” Virginia Woolf famously wrote, “since facts are so hard to come by, what would have happened had Shakespeare had a wonderfully gifted sister, called Judith.” And so she does. But Judith’s trials turn out to resemble
  52. Times Food Guide 2012 reaches Hyderabad, Times of India
    Virginia Woolf had once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Tonight, not only will Hyderabad’s glitterati dine well, but also show their love for food and appreciate those who bring us the best from the
  53. Kids Can Press Books, TheCelebrityCafe.com
    Last, but not least, is Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault’s Virginia Wolf. It is loosely based on the true story of the relationship between Virginia Woolf and her sister, Vanessa Bell. Vanessa tries to cheer up Virginia, who tells Vanessa about a
  54. Where We Write, The Millions
    Roald Dahl had one, so did Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf. Perhaps one day, we’ll each be writing in our own. Until then, as our Millions staffers share in their illustrated entries below, we’re making due (often happily!)
  55. Jonah Lehrer on the Science of Creativity & Innovation, PsychCentral.com (blog)
    He quotes a passage in Virginia Woolf’s novel “To The Lighthouse” about a character named Lily: “”Certainly she was losing consciousness of the outer things. And as she lost consciousness of outer things, her mind kept throwing things up from its
  56. Vita Sackville-West, The Guardian
    Vita and Harold led an unconventional marriage and both were to have many passionate affairs (most remembered is Vita’s relationship with fellow writer Virginia Woolf), however their marriage remained strong. Together, Vita and Harold transformed the
  57. Employee Happiness Matters More Than You Think, BusinessWeek (blog)
    We can all think of creative geniuses tortured by depression (eg, Vincent van Gogh, Virginia Woolf), and many managers still believe stress and fear are the best ways to keep workers cracking. But if you pay careful attention to the data,

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Does Edith of Downton Abbey fame dress like Virginia Woolf? Did Vanessa Bell really purchase a Picasso for £4? Is Woolf on stage in Massachusetts and in Canada? Scan the past week’s Woolf sightings below to find out.

  1. Reflections on collections at the library, The Star Democrat
    And wasn’t he always quoting Virginia Woolf at us? So where is Mrs. Dalloway, and where, pray tell, To the Lighthouse? So, like a ghost whispering from the wings, I send out this lonely message to all those that come after me (cue the sound of dragging
  2. World War I Belongs to Literature Now, Big Think
    Virginia Woolf suggested that “human character” itself changed in the turbulent years preceding it; Philip Larkin wrote famously that it snuffed the “innocence” of the Edwardian era “without a word”; Paul Fussell, in The Great War and Modern Memory,
  3. How Picasso helped British art turn modern, The Guardian
    In 1911 Vanessa Bell wrote to her sister Virginia Stephen (later Woolf): “We’re in a huge state of excitement having just bought a Picasso for £4.” The picture, Jars and Lemon (1907), deeply impressed artists Duncan Grant and Wyndham Lewis when they
  4. The Arts of Russian and Soviet Modernists, Morning Star Online
    Founded in 1924 by eminent intellectuals, including EM Forster, Julian Huxley, Maynard Keynes and Virginia Woolf, the society stalwartly maintained continuous cultural exchanges with the USSR until its breakup in 1991, so accumulating an extensive
  5. Group rep Salutes If We Are Women, Broadway World
    Author Virginia Woolf, along with Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov and other famous writers are alluded to various times within the script. Women are women, so there are a great many ideas tossed about, in vivid Woolf style, about sexually aggressive
  6. Poet of the Week: Jane Hirshfield, Santa Barbara Independent
    But it doesn’t take long to hear her grounding in the world between Beowulf and Virginia Woolf, either. “I think the English sonnet, as written by Shakespeare, Milton, and Donne, is every bit as compressed and lyrical as a haiku in offering us a
  7. Jack Dorsey, founder of Square and inventor of Twitter, Fast Company
    We’re now chatting about Mrs. Dalloway, the classic by Virginia Woolf, a book so groundbreaking that it reset the development of the American novel. As Dorsey grew in his role as CEO, he decided to hone his storytelling skills, to fine-tune the
  8. Writers’ Valentines to Their Mentors, Huffington Post (blog)
    As the pile grew larger and richer (to name aa handful: Michael Cunningham on Virginia Woolf, Joyce Carol Oates on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lily Tuck on Gordon Lish, Dinaw Mengestu on running an after-school program in Harlem, Carolyn See on
  9. Review: ‘William and Judith’ makes for stunning theater, Tulsa World
    Shakespeare had no sister; however, the novelist Virginia Woolf, in her essay “A Room of One’s Own,” about the unique challenges and obstacles women writers must overcome to pursue their art, imagined one for him, calling her Judith,
  10. Victorian literature scholar Donegan to speak on “Women’s Survival Narratives”, Buffalo News (blog)
    Using Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” as an inflection point, Donegan reconfigures “the creation of domestic space in terms of negotiating safety, planning escape, and making room to write.” She concludes that “nineteenth-century British women
  11. Two Good Books: Elizabeth Hand’s Available Dark and Edward St. Aubyn’s At Last, TIME
    St. Aubyn is often compared to Evelyn Waugh, for obvious reasons, but the writers I kept thinking of were Virginia Woolf and, oddly enough, the graphic novelist Alison Bechdel: like them, St. Aubyn is utterly fearless when faced with the task of
  12. Bloomsbury Bistro’s Cari Jo Cavalcante keeps besting the competition, Pitch Weekly
    It clicked because of the whole tie-in with Virginia Woolf. Everything else just fell into place,” Cavalcante says. There are still a few items left from the original menu: the chicken-ham roulade sandwich (chicken breast rolled in ham and topped with
  13. Searching for Shahrzad, Iranian
    Perhaps Virginia Woolf could provide a lesson here. Her interest in biographical writing stems from her work on “the lives of the obscure,” which oft en translates to the lives of women and her reflection on the balance that should exist between fact
  14. ‘Ordinary Mind, Ordinary Day’ adapts Virginia Woolf for stage, Brandeis University
    The Brandeis Theater Company takes on dark subject matter as its four-day run of “Ordinary Mind, Ordinary Day,” a stage adaptation of four of Virginia Woolf’s short stories, begins Thursday night. Written by theater professor Adrianne Krstansky and
  15. Capital, By John Lanchester, The Independent
    Virginia Woolf did not much approve of the intrusion of estate agency into fiction. “House property,” she sniffily wrote in the talk that became her 1924 essay “Mr Bennett and Mrs Brown”, “was the common ground from which the Edwardians found it easy
  16. The Bloomsbury Group, The Saint
    The Bloomsbury Group was named after Virginia Woolf’s collaborartion of writers, and intellectuals.(Photo special to The Saint) The Bloomsbury group, one of NGCSU’s newest student clubs, is based on sharing and discussing not only literature,
  17. PIMCO’S Gross Ponders Life, Death and Recent Fed Action, AdvisorOne
    By John Sullivan, AdvisorOne In a highly personal and at times emotional February Investment Outlook, PIMCO Chief Bill Gross examines life, death, personal loss and Virginia Woolf. Peppered with a significant number of literary and cultural references
  18. BOOKS PLUS: Exercise freedom to read at Tri-City libraries, The Tri-City News
    Book club members are currently reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. This novel follows the title character on a June day as she makes last-minute arrangements for a party at her home that evening. The novel is written as a full transcript of what
  19. From Thomas Gainsborough to Tracey Emin: The Family in British Art at , Culture24
    By Ben Miller | 16 February 2012 From Vanessa Bell’s portrayal of a dozing Virginia Woolf and Sarah Jones’s stuffy dining rooms to boisterous garden scenes from Stanley Spencer and fake photos of the royal family stage-managed by Alison Jackson,
  20. Happiness is a shed of one’s own, Telegraph.co.uk
    Writers from Roald Dahl to Charles Dickens have flourished in theirs and I’m sure that Virginia Woolf’s exaltation for all women writers to own a room of their own would have extended to a shed. My son Jacques, a carpenter, naturally built his own.
  21. Testing From Information Evolution-Text, NewsReleaseWire.com (press release)
    Exhibits included papers belonging to Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and one of three Gutenberg bibles owned by the Morgan. There was also a little room full of cylinder seals. According to the descriptive … Read more.
  22. The Morgan Library Explores A History Of Animals In Art, Literature And Music , Huffington Post
    It features work by John James Audubon, William Blake, Albrecht Durer, TS Eliot, David Hockney, Ted Hughes, George Orwell, Sergei Prokofiev, Peter Paul Rubens, EB White, and Virginia Woolf, among many others. It will show at The Morgan Library from
  23. REVIEW: The Year Of Magical Wanking | Richard Wherrett Studio, Sydney, Crikey (blog)
    It even has a homegrown association, insofar as Watkins obsession with The Hours, Nicole and Virginia Woolf. From the most humble environs of his grandpa’s council flat, Watkins emerges to inhabit a stately theatrical mansion, with many mysterious
  24. Who’s annoyed with ‘Ordinary’ Virginia Woolf?, The Brandeis Hoot
    To be fair, I have read about two pages of Virginia Woolf’s work, specifically two pages of “Mrs. Dalloway.” From those two pages, I gathered that party planning was a big deal way back when. This was the only knowledge I had about
  25. What is my daily writing routine? I make a great big cappuccino and smoke a , Financial Times
    Later Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse sensitised me to the world in a rather thrilling way. When did you know you were going to be a writer? Both my parents were writers – I resisted it until my early twenties but I couldn’t in the end.
  26. Can’t get enough of books in India, Christian Science Monitor
    Though she plans to work in information technology, she says it is the writings of English author Virginia Woolf and works like “Into the Wild,” by Jon Krakauer, that captivate her. Though right now in India books sell mostly by word of mouth,
  27. Wild heart of Wessex, WA today
    Life at Max Gate, however, was far from colourless; visitors included Robert Louis Stevenson, George Bernard Shaw, TE Lawrence and Virginia Woolf. It was here that Hardy penned his great novels – The Mayor of Casterbridge (1886),
  28. Car show at QuikTrip Center, Tulsa Vintage Show at Expo Square, Tulsa World
    “William and Judith” is a what-if story by playwright Cody Daigle that uses Virginia Woolf’s hypothetical theory – in her essay “A Room of One’s Own” – that Shakespeare had an equally creative sister named Judith. Daigle explores issues of betrayal and
  29. Make lit new: Are retold tales a new fad or the latest incarnation of a rich , National Post
    Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf 6. Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens 7. The Odyssey, by Homer 8. King Lear, by William Shakespeare 9. Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen 10. Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott 11. The Ambassadors, by Henry James
  30. ‘Oranges’ gets new twin, London Free Press
    And she was, she added, the only real heir to the talent of Virginia Woolf. Be that as it may, Winterson’s output, although impressive, may not have kept pace with her own notions of literary success and subsequent fiction, with perhaps the exception
  31. Death anniv of Kunt Hamsun, Iran Book News Agency
    His techniques were found in material by James Joyce, Marcel Proust, and Virginia Woolf. Following the Second Boer War, he adopted increasingly conservative views. He also came to be known as a prominent advocate of Germany and German culture,
  32. A room of her own: Repurposed spaces become creative havens for the woman of , Detroit Free Press
    More than 80 years ago, writer Virginia Woolf penned the essay, “A Room of One’s Own,” about how women, especially those who want to practice a form of creativity, need a place to do it. In 2012, given the explosion of the handmade and creative arts
  33. This afternoon at BAM, City Opera and Rufus Wainwright need a hit; will they , Capital New York
    It’s like Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway with a wealthy woman trying to exercise the demons of the past. These fears have haunted her all night long and the Régine wakes up early to wonder as to what happened six years before when she sang in public in
  34. Stepchildren of liberalisation, India Today
    She studies at a thirdrate government college, struggling with Virginia Woolf and William Congreve, and tries very hard to acquire “competence in English”, her passport to a better life. Boo’s own journey from being the foreigner, who’s conspicuously
  35. Terminally talented, Times LIVE
    When she couldn’t bear the sadness that consumed her, English writer Virginia Woolf, before putting stones in the pockets of her jacket and drowning herself, wrote: “I feel certain that I’m going mad again; I feel we can’t go through another of those
  36. Downton Abbey Watch: Life Is a Game, TIME
    Edith, dressed in her best Virginia Woolf outfit, tries and fails to take another man with a broken wing into her convalescent home of one. Here’s hoping they send Edith to America in Mary’s place. If anyone can use a cowboy, it’s that girl.
  37. Does Fear Help Us Appreciate Abstract Art?, Big Think (blog)
    As Virginia Woolf wrote in her essay “The Supernatural in Fiction,” “It is pleasant to be afraid when we are conscious that we are in no kind of danger.” Just as we scream on rollercoasters despite knowing that we’re not going to plummet to our doom,
  38. The Big Smoke’s Canadian Premiere, blogTO (blog)
    Canadian Premiere of an award-winning one-woman show inspired by the lives and work of Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. In a courageous physical performance with a completely original text and score sung a cappella, Amy Nostbakken tells

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This week’s Woolf sightings use a Virginia Woolf quote to justify recommending a good dinner as an excellent Valentine’s Day tribute (# 7, 25), cite Woolf as the inspiration for the song “Piece by Piece” by Charleston (#41), and include multiple mentions of the new letter for sale that discusses the Dreadnought Hoax (#35-38). Read on for these and more.

  1. Emeli Sandé: Our Version of Events – review, The Guardian
    Even fewer declare Virginia Woolf as an influence and fewer still have a giant tattoo of Frida Kahlo down one arm. There is such a great deal to commend singer Emeli Sandé. If her peroxide quiff stands visually for Sandé’s unconventionality,
  2. ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ 38 Special, Three Dog Night, Tulsa Golf Expo, Tulsa World
    with performances of “William and Judith,” a what-if story by playwright Cody Daigle that re-imagines the creation of “The Tempest” using a hypothetical theory proposed by Virginia Woolf that Shakespeare had an equally creative sister named Judith.
  3. Playhouse Tulsa takes Shakespeare to new levels with repertory, Tulsa World
    Cody Daigle’s “William and Judith,” after all, is a highly imaginative take on the creation of Shakespeare’s final play – one that involves the playwright’s mythical sister, Judith, a character the writer Virginia Woolf dreamed up to make a few points
  4. New play ‘William and Judith’ inspired by Shakespeare story, Tulsa World
    What if, as Virginia Woolf stated in her essay “A Room of One’s Own,” William Shakespeare had a sister named Judith? And what if Judith was her brother’s equal in temperament, intelligence and creativity? And what if Judith shows up on her brother’s
  5. Black and white in colour, Hindustan Times
    “It was a fine time to be a Mumbai garbage trader,” Abdul would think, just as his middle-aged neighbour Asha, whose daughter went to college and “by-hearted” Virginia Woolf and William Congreve at home, thought that the moment was opportune to employ
  6. Which writer taught me most about love? The Guardian In Freud’s rhetorical ploys, he’s always pitting himself against creative writers, which is why Nabokov and Virginia Woolf, for instance, took the bait and bristled accordingly. I first read Freud’s Contributions to the Psychology of Love and bits of
  7. Dolce Sapori, Calgary Herald
    The menus at Dolce Sapori quote Virginia Woolf: ” Once cannot think well, love well or sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Amen to that. Dolce is open for dinner only, Tuesday through Saturday.
  8. A hard bargain University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily
    As Virginia Woolf was fond of saying, the experience of higher education affords a rare opportunity to stand back from our civilization and ask tough questions about it. If you find it wanting, you have the freedom to imagine it differently and boldly
  9. Exhibition: Shelf Lives, Varsity Online
    At the back of the room is an original manuscript written by Virginia Woolf. She has a small, characteristic scrawl, and writing that slants up at the ends of her lines. It’s a treasure chest for literature lovers here. John Clare and John Donne stare
  10. Gallery’™s family affair, Sheffield Telegraph
    Examples here are Stanley Spencer’s The Lovers, with its jumble of limbs, and Vanessa Bell’s portrait of her sister, Virginia Woolf. “It’s very sensitive of the fact that she didn’t like being pictured and so it’s not highly detailed,” observes Briggs.
  11. The L Mag Questionnaire for Writer Types: Kate Zambreno, The L Magazine (blog)
    Virginia Woolf’s
    Mrs. Dalloway, Clarice Lispector’s The Hour of the Star, Elfriede Jelinek’s The Piano Teacher and Wonderful, Wonderful Times, Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School, Rainer Maria Rilke’s The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge,
  12. Tales of love and cous cous at Pea Souk, This is Cornwall
    With tales read by actors acclaimed at the du Maurier, Brighton and Chester Literary festivals from authors including Virginia Woolf, Edna St Vincent Millay and Kate Chopin, you’ll be treated to some frightening, foolish and funny takes on love.
  13. Song and ecstasy, The News International
    Virginia Woolf
    in a haunting essay assures us that when the Most High is seated on His throne, to one side of Him will be Homer and to the other side Shakespeare. Our own poets cannot be too far away. Saigal and the great singers, and who knows the
  14. The Heresy of Love, Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, The Independent
    She became a nun because, in those days, liberal convents provided the equivalent of Virginia Woolf’s “a Room of One’s Own” to women who wanted to give priority to their intellectual existence over marriage. And in a hideous, desolating twist,
  15. Nasty literary prize awarded, GlobalPost (blog)
    It is novelist Adam Mars-Jones for his sledgehammering of Michael Cunningham’s “By Nightfall” in the Observer newspaper Cunningham is best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Hours” a modern take on Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.
  16. Hollinghurst’s biographical ambitions, Spectator.co.uk (blog)
    These questions were considered last night, at the Oxford Centre for Life Writing, by two literary grandees from opposing sides of the issue: Hermione Lee, biographer of Virginia Woolf and Edith Wharton, and Alan Hollinghurst, whose recent novel,
  17. John Patrick Organic Crafts a Beautiful Vision for Fall 2012 at New York …, Ecouterre
    however, to the work of 19th century British photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, in particular “A Beautiful Vision, Julia Duckworth,” a carbon print of Cameron’s niece and goddaughter and the future mother of author Virginia Woolf.
  18. Culture 2 Go, Orlando Weekly
    The group left behind significant works of literature – Virginia Woolf, EM Forster, economist John Maynard Keynes and historian Lytton Strachey all spent writing holidays at the farm – whereas their painters are less well known, comprising a
  19. Her Version Of Events: Emeli Sandé Interviewed, The Quietus
    I was really made up to hear that one of your favourite books is by Virginia Woolf. What a fearsome writer, and perhaps someone who really isn’t known for her approachability or her simple clarity of prose. So what do you take from Virginia Woolf?
  20. When novelists reach the end of their stories, The Guardian
    Virginia Woolf
    ? Yup. Thomas Hardy? Sure enough. EM Forster? Saw the problem coming and headed it off at the pass. Or think of ours. Julian Barnes, Kazuo Ishiguro, Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, Graham Swift – that excellent generation of novelists whose
  21. Russell pioneers queer theory in literature at Vassar, The Miscellany News
    Currently, he is teaching a seminar on James Joyce’s Ulysses, a six-week course on Virginia Woolf and a 200-level English course entitled Gay Male Fiction in America after 1945. Russell came to Vassar in 1983, and since then the courses he has taught
  22. Great expectations for Simon Callow’s latest project. . ., Cambridge News
    Tolstoy praised Dickens for tackling issues such as social reform, but Henry James and Virginia Woolf weren’t a fan, saying his work was too sentimental and implausable. :: Details from his domestic routine and method of working suggest Dickens had
  23. Valentines for word lovers, AZ Central.com (blog)
    A classic Steel sentiment: “He was gone, and she was broken hearted, that was all that mattered.” PS I got in trouble for reading Danielle Steel. After that, my mother brought me Little Women. She now buys me books by Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro.
  24. The lamb and the lion, Australia Business Review Weekly (subscription)
    Virginia Woolf captures the agony of that failure indelibly in her short story, The New Dress, from which i have selected some of its many evocative images … “Mabel had her first serious suspicion that something was wrong as she took her cloak off
  25. Say ‘I love you’ with a 3-course meal, Aiken
    English author Virginia Woolf (“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”) would probably agree. Mixing it up in the kitchen is a delicious way for a couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day, perhaps with a bottle of bubbly
  26. ‘A Sympathiser with the Poor’: Charles Dickens at 200, The American
    As Virginia Woolf explained, “we remodel our psychological geography when we read Dickens,” for he created “characters who exist not in detail, not accurately or exactly, but abundantly in a cluster of wild yet extraordinarily revealing remarks.
  27. Review of The Hours author’s latest book wins inaugural hatchet job award ,The Guardian (blog)
    After aligning his Pulitzer-winning novel The Hours to Mrs Dalloway and Virginia Woolf, Cunningham makes a mistake in linking By Nightfall to Joyce, continues Mars-Jones: “If he had chosen softer models he would cut a better figure, the contrast being
  28. Don’t Ask! Just Buy It! – February 8, 2012: One Sword, Slightly Used, ComicsAlliance
    My favorite of the stories in here is “The Brain That Wouldn’t Virginia Woolf,” which is (in both form and content) an attempt to graft together things that don’t actually fit together at all. Jason Lutes has been averaging an issue a year of his
  29. Alan Moore On Harvey Pekar, Grant Morrison And ‘Stealing Characters’ [Video], ComicsAlliance
    Then Virginia Woolf comes along a few hundred years later and decides to create the character as her dual gender character Orlando… It might be splitting hairs, but I’m not adapting these people, these characters. I’m not doing an adaptation of
  30. Anna Clyne’s “Night Ferry” set to sail after a long creative voyage, Chicago Classical Review Clyne also researched other artists and writers who had similar emotional issues such as the poets and writers Lord Byron, Virginia Woolf and Randall Jarrell. Cast in a single 20-minute movement, Night Ferry is Clyne’s largest effort to date.
  31. The Calling of Disorder, Harvard Crimson
    The invocation of Virginia Woolf’s titular assertion, that women needed to be able to support themselves and have their own, personal space if they were to write, immediately gave Bassett an idea. She would provide the necessary funds to support
  32. Picture preview: The Family in British Art, The Independent
    Among the work on display is William Hogarth’s A House of Cards (1730), Sir Robert and Lady Buxton and their daughter Ann, (c1786) by Henry Walton, Stanley Spencer’s The Lovers (1934) and Vanessa Bell’s portrait of her sister, Virginia Woolf (1912).
  33. Happy birthday Mr Dickens! Universitas Helsingiensis
    Virginia Woolf
    thought she would have crossed the road to avoid his showman vulgarity. And yet despite professional literary disdain for his popular fame, we should remember his contemporary John Ruskin’s balanced comment: ‘But let us not lose the use
  34. Literature of the World in 2012 Cuban Book Fair, Prensa Latina
    will put in the reader’s hands universal classics such as Gargantúa and Pantagruel, by François Rabelais; The Nun, by Denis Diderot; The Red and the Black by Stendhal; Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad; and The Lady in the Mirror, by Virginia Woolf.
  35. Monday reads: Virginia Woolf punk’d the Royal Navy and more, Los Angeles Times
    In 1910, Virginia Woolf and her friends pretended to be “Abyssinian princes” and their British guides, convincing the Royal Navy to give them access to the battleship Dreadnought, flagship of the home fleet. They were given a tour and feted with a band
  36. The Week in Culture – The Yorker, The Yorker
    This week Virginia Woolf wears a beard, fiction receives a Hammer-ing, and we reveal that romance is dead for all you culture vultures. 102 years ago to the day, Virginia Woolf and other members of the Bloomsbury group walked the decks of the Royal
  37. How a bearded Virginia Woolf and her band of ‘jolly savages’ hoaxed the navy, The Guardian
    The letter was written by Horace de Vere Cole, who described how he and five friends, including the novelist Virginia Woolf and painter Duncan Grant, duped an admiral and the crew of the battleship HMS Dreadnought, flagship of the home fleet.
  38. A Brick-and-Mortar Amazon Store?; Jonathan Franzen Loves Edith Wharton, The Atlantic Wire [The New Yorker] There’s a letter being offered at auction by a London rare books dealer that details Virginia Woolf’s role in a “shriekingly funny” prank that resulted in Woolf and painter Duncan Grant being given access to the HMS Dreadnought in 1910
  39. Konstantin Soukhovetski at Phillips Collection, Washington Post
    The sense of the melodramatic was palpable, as Soukhovetski introduced the piano version of Philip Glass’s score for “The Hours” by quoting from the suicide note left by Virginia Woolf in the film. He gave this music, characterized by its sometimes
  40. Annie Leibovitz’s personal ‘Pilgrimage’ feels commercial, Washington Post
    The results are eclectic but mostly reflect the heroic pantheon of the bookish liberal establishment: Charles Darwin, Henry David Thoreau, Virginia Woolf, Georgia O’Keeffe, Eleanor Roosevelt. Among the 64 photographs culled for the Smithsonian
  41. Charleston – Piece by Piece, Electric Banana
    The trio cite Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allen Poe and Virginia Woolf as influences, and claim the track is about ‘regressing to a primal state’. Don’t be discouraged by the pretentiousness, this is a good tune.
  42. Pause Before You Send Email (Or Anything), Lifehacker Australia
    BBC Point Of View columnist Lisa Jardine uses the example of an angry letter Virginia Woolf planned to send to a correspondent. After thinking better of it, she drafted a more conciliatory reply. Jardine argues that this demonstrates a flexibility
  43. Cute in a Klimt, The Nation
    The concept is “East Meet West”, and the designs combine simplicity and elegance, drawing inspiration from Chinese women of the 1960s and the Virginia Woolf novel “Mrs Dalloway”. Classical Western styling marries Eastern sexiness in the outfits
  44. The master storyteller: William Boyd interview, Telegraph.co.uk
    a failed novelist whose passage through the 20th century leads him from pre-war literary London to the Spanish Civil War to an Angry Brigade-style group of anarchists in the 1970s, taking in encounters with such characters as Virginia Woolf,
  45. Being bipolar in Pakistan, DAWN.com
    Some of the most creative geniuses had bipolar disorder such as Virginia Woolf. Stephen Fry openly talks about it and has even made a documentary about what it is like to be bipolar. Studies show connections between bipolar disorder and creativity and
  46. The Little Theatre that grew, Winnipeg Free Press
    It was a time when the diaries and letters of Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group were being published, as were those of Gertrude Stein’s expatriate “crowd” in 1930s Paris, and everyone was talking about them (Hendry once signed off a letter to

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