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Two of Virginia Woolf’s novels helped inspire a new dance that premiered late last month in Bangkok.

Contemporary dancer Setsuko Yamada, one of the leading figures in dance in Japan, premiered the solo dance piece “Wearing Rose Pink” at the Patravadi Theatre on Nov. 27 and 28.

It was described as a “dance on the poignancy and elegance of life” and compared to “a dainty piece of china.”

While Woolf conveys the inner consciousness of her characters through words, Yamada is known for her ability to  “transform her inner consciousness and memory into movements.”

She said the dance was inspired by Woolf’s novels To the Lighthouse and The Waves and Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Christina’s World.”

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waves1Outside + Beside Herself, a dance performance about Virginia Woolf choreographed by a master’s student, is currently playing at the National Arts Festival in South Africa.

Choreographer Zoe Reeve says the performance, which is based on Woolf’s suicide letter to husband Leonard, explores elements of “drowning, friendship and letting go.” The words of the production are drawn from Woolf’s novel The Waves.

“It is very dark but there are light-hearted elements in it. There are gentle moments in the relationships between the performers,” Reeve said. Read more.

This is not the first dance performance in recent months that portrays Woolf’s end times. Cleveland, Ohio’s GroundWorks Dancetheater performed Unfinished Dialogues in the U.S. last fall. I attended and found it both mesmerizing and touching.  

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