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roundhouseIn 1919, Virginia Woolf purchased the Round House in Pipe Passage, Lewes for £300. This year it is for sale again, but the price is £800,000.

The Round House, which is said to look much as it did when Woolf bought it, is being sold by the same estate agents that originally sold it to her as a weekend and holiday home.

Charles Wycherley, who runs a family estate agent in Lewes, will auction the house June 9. Woolf bought the house from his great-grandfather, Alfred.

The current owner of the cottage, which was built in 1801 and was once the town windmill, is retired teacher Annie Crowther, who is moving to a home nearby. The Round House was also owned by John Every, ironmaster of Lewes Phoenix works.

The same year Woolf purchased the Round House, she discovered Monk’s House in nearby Rodmell, which both she and Leonard favored because of its orchard and garden. She then bought Monk’s House and sold the Round House.

Get more details about the Round House and view interior photos. Read about other Woolf places here and here.

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on-movingDoes moving drive one mad?

The last time, I changed residences — 15 years ago — I felt utterly exhausted by the end of moving day, but I did not feel mad.

However, on that stifling hot and humid day in June, my two teenage sons probably thought I was. That is because I informed them that the next time I moved, it would be into a nursing home — and the two of them would have to do all of my packing and hauling themselves. 

A new book by Louise DeSalvo, On Moving: A Writer’s Meditation on New Houses, Old Haunts, and Finding Home Again explores the “troubled homemaking histories” of famous writers. It posits that for some, “moving can be paired with madness,” according to a review in the New York Times.

Check out the book and see whether you agree with DeSalvo’s theories about Woolf’s moves. You can read the first chapter here.

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