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twitterNow that my life has finally settled back down (a little), post-Woolf Conference, I can finally post about one of my very favorite things: Twitter.

Below, I’ve written a short guide to the social networking site that has become a huge sensation. Instead of Twitter for Dummies, this is Twitter for Woolfians to help everyone learn exactly what this Twitter thing is, and how Woolfians can use it to their advantage.

What is Twitter?
The short answer would be to say, as the site itself does, that Twitter is a 140-character answer to the question, “What are you doing?”

But Twitter is also a tool for making connections, for keeping up with connections you’ve already made, and it can also be a great way to keep your fellow Woolfians up-to-date on research, paper opportunities, and anything else that comes up.

Why use Twitter?
Many Woolfians are members of the fantastic VWoolf Listserv, and Twitter wouldn’t replace it. Rather, it’s an easy way to condense important information into short “Tweets.” These can then be tagged using “#”–#Woolf, for example–or by simply using the word “Woolf” in a Tweet.

This way, anyone looking for all things Woolf would only have to type “Woolf” in Twitter’s search bar to quickly see the many Woolfish conversations that are taking place, in realtime. (We used #Woolf19 for Tweets relating to the Woolf Conference, but it seems to have disappeared from the Internet.)

Here is a great video that details Twitter’s functions and provides a step-by-step guide to creating a Twitter account.

Finally, a few Woolfians who’ve already discovered the greatness that is Twitter:

Paula, from Blogging Woolf

Dr. Anne Fernald

Benjamin Harvey, art historian


If you have any questions, just Tweet!

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