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Girls Club City Winter TinEven youngsters can be inspired by Virginia Woolf.

In New York City, girls are making money and asserting their independence through a program of the Lower East Side Girls Club called the Cookie Academy.

Girls Club director Lyn Pentecost told Time Out New York that Woolf — who Time Out calls “the grande dame of feminism” — was a source of inspiration for the program. Or at least her words were.

“Everyone thinks Virginia Woolf said, ‘All a woman needs is a room of her own,’ ” Pentecost is quoted as saying in Time Out’s Nov. 1 edition. “What she really said was, ‘All a woman needs is money and a room of her own.’”

However, we all know that what Virginia really, really said was, “A woman needs an income and a room of her own to write fiction.”

Quote quibbling aside, it’s nice to see that young women — the girls club is for girls and young women ages eight to 23 — appreciate the wisdom of Woolf.

We are not alone in our admiration for Girls who Quote Woolf. The Girls Club has received good press since it was founded in 1996. And it has been recognized for its high quality programming.

To take a look at the goodies available in the Girls Club online store, click here. Virginia would approve.

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