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Paul Roche, the poet and novelist who conducted a long-term relationship with Bloomsbury artist Duncan Grant, died Oct. 30 at the age of 91. Read The Telegraph story or a later account in the New York Times

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Anyone with £7,000 to £10,000 to spend and the flexibility of traveling to London next Wednesday might be interested in the following e-mail, sent to the VW Listserv today.

It offers news about typed letters sent by Virginia Woolf to Mrs. Motier Harris Fisher in August of 1940, while Woolf’s summer home was exposed to air raids during the Battle of Brittain, which raged over Sussex and Kent.

The letters, which indicate Woolf’s state of mind during that traumatic time, will be offered for sale at a Christie’s auction Wednesday.

Then again, a flight to London isn’t necessary. You can view the auction offering online and get the full details right from your desktop. Or you can register to watch, hear and bid on Woolf’s letters from the comfort of your home PC.

Copied below is the text of the e-mail message sent from the account of Molly Marple.

Greetings to the group.

I have some letters and a manuscript which my mother-in-law is auctioning at Christies, King Street, London next Wednesday 14th November. Valuable Printed Books & Manuscripts, lot 56. The lot is somewhat hidden amongst so many really old manuscripts I’m fearful that nobody has been able to see them.

The letters were typed by Virginia Woolf and discuss with Mrs. Motier Harris Fisher the submission of the text for Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid. The essay manuscript was written in August 1940. There is discussion about submitting the essay to “The Forum” and “New Republic”. Some of the text is re-printed in the auction catalogue and on-line. If anyone is interested I can copy the text to another message.

The documents were handed down to to my mother-in-law by her mother, Mrs. Motier Harris Fisher. We don’t know if there was a connection between Mrs. Fisher and Virginia Woolf other than a business relationship.

I hope this is of interest to the group.


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