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hilton_hall_1Have £1.5 million? Then you may be able to purchase an authentic Bloomsbury home in the country.

Hilton Hall, home of David “Bunny” Garnett, a member of the Bloomsbury group, novelist and critic, is for sale at that price.

Virginia Woolf’s niece Angelica Bell lived at Hilton Hall after her marriage to Garnett. Angelica was 23 at the time of the wedding; Bunny was 49.

Garnett had earlier been in a relationship with Angelica’s mother and Woolf’s sister, Vanessa Bell, and artist Duncan Grant.

Another interesting tidbit that connects the village of Hilton with Woolf: From the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, Hilton lay on a cattle route between St. Ives and London. The cattle fair at St. Ives, Woolf’s summer home for the first 12 years of her life, was one of the four biggest in the country.

Located 12 miles west of Cambridge in the village of Hilton, the 17th-century Hilton Hall has six bedrooms and is filled with reminders of its Bloomsbury past, according to the Times. You can read more about it here.

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