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i will buy flowers myself inviteWho would have thought that Virginia Woolf’s 1925 novel Mrs. Dalloway would inspire the design of a mini hot plate?

But that is just what the novel did for Nika Zupanc. It allowed the young Slovenian product designer to imagine a kitchen hot plate that does not look like one. Her mini hot plate looks like a woman’s powder compact instead. And in honor of the novel that inspired it, the hot plate is named “Mrs. Dalloway.”

The “Mrs. Dalloway” mini hot plate was part of the I Will Buy Flowers Myself exhibit on display at Salon del Mobile Milan 2009 in April. It was inspired by the stories of some of the most famous female literary heroines, according to Zupanc.

Other items in the surreal collection, which was introduced by a giant polka-dotted doll house, include a Lolita lamp, a Scarlet table and tray, the Unfaithful Feather Duster and the Silent Brotherhood of Slightly Arrogant Cradles.

See them all here. Read more about Nika Zupanc.

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