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Topics at Woolf panels at the 2011 Modern Language Association Convention in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 6-9, range from dress to dirt.

They include:

  • Sartorial Bloomsbury
    Chair: Jane Garrity, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Presenters: Catherine Mintler, University of Oklahoma: “Bloomsbury’s Underwear: The Petticoat and Other Sartorial Fetishes;” Celia Marshik, SUNY Stony Brook, “Ottoline Morrell, Bloomsbury, and Avant-Garde Dress;” Garrity, “Vanessa Bell’s Sartorial Primitivism”
  • Bloomsbury and Africa
    Danell Jones, Montana State University, Bozeman
    Presenters: Jeanne Dubino, Appalachian State University, “An Anti-Imperialist League of Their Own: The Hogarth Press, Kenya, Norman Leys, and Parmenas Githendu Mockerie;” Martyn Downer, independent scholar, “Bunga Bunga: The Language of the 1910 Dreadnought Hoax;” Laura Winkiel, University of Colorado, Boulder, “From Cosmopolitanism to Anti-Imperialism: William Plomer, the Hogarth Press, and Colonial Critique”
  • Dirt, Desire Recollection: James Joyce and Virginia Woolf
    Bonnie Kime Scott, San Diego State University
    Presenters: Bonita Rhoads, Charles University, Prague, “Woolf’s Gothic Modernism: Spirited Feminism in To the Lighthouse;” Katherine Merz, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Shitting on Empire: Metropolitan Abjection and Colonial Returns;” Abby Bender, New York University, “The Crumbs of Ulysses;” Richard Brown, University of Leeds, “Joyce, Woolf, and the Philosophy of Dirt.”

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