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Nude readers of Woolf, you ask? Yes, and on stage no less. But that is just one Woolf sighting in a week of many. Links to forty-five of them are posted below, including the news that the last and final volume of Woolf essays — Volume six — is now out.
  1. Gallery and Historic Houses Unite to Celebrate Great Portraits from Victorian
    Art Daily
    The book reveals an astonishing range of artistic styles and techniques, while illustrations and engaging commentaries on sitters such as Charles Darwin and Virginia Woolf, shed light on the various ways in which people chose to be presented – wherever
  2. The Right Questions To Ask About Literature, Slate Magazine
    Needless to say, the common reader (whom Garber condescends to as “a crucial ancillary part of the world of readers,” though she’s paraphrasing Samuel Johnson and Virginia Woolf and may dispute the “crucial” part) is not up to the task.
  3. Very fine verse of Heller, Holt, TheChronicleHerald.ca
    Her voice sounds like Sylvia Plath mashed up with Virginia Woolf. A Gertrude Stein-like phrase, “the ins and outs of you and I,” is matched later by another, “Life without you is like life for worse / or better. And right now / I like better better.
  4. Milwaukee Opera Theatre: Virginia Woolf drowns, dolphin rescues Arion, ThirdCoast Digest. Art. News. Life
    Lane sang Dominick Argento’s From the Diary of Virginia Woolf, a song cycle that won the 1975 Pulitzer Prize. Director (and MOT artistic director) Jill Anna Ponasik, Ben Krywosz and Tom Bartsch theatricalized it. Lane was not merely a singer,
  5. Huntington touts downtown walking tour with a 30-minute interactive iPhone play, Greenfield Daily Reporter
    The Cabell Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau teamed up with the Marshall University Theater Alliance to develop “Street Haunting,” a play loosely based on a Virginia Woolf essay about a stroll through London. Participants call a phone number, …
    Read Woolf’s “Street Haunting” inspires iPlay on Blogging Woolf. (more…)

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