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Penshurst Place

One of today’s Woolf sightings — #10 — claims that Penshurst Place and Gardens inspired Virginia Woolf. I wondered how.

So I explored the location’s literary links Web page and learned that Woolf visited the property with Vita Sackville-West, who was then living 22 miles away at Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens. Woolf later shared her personal impressions of the nearly deserted house and garden in a 1940 diary entry, specifically mentioning “the ‘shell of lady Pembroke’s lute – like half a fig’.”

In other news, Woolf is sighted in the literary canon. Edinburgh publisher Canongate’s canon, that is. Canongate is repackaging some of its titles in a new series called The Canon. Included among the 2012 titles is Woolf’s Orlando, with an introduction by Tilda Swinton. See #9.

And finally, Woolf has been sighted on stage in the ladies’ loo, along with Shakespeare’s Ophelia, in a production called Sailing On. Get the details in #12 and on the Events page.

  1. Eau Claire writer discovers iimportance of rediscovering selfLeader-Telegram
    However, the next time I make travel plans, I’ll remember the famous essay by the English author,Virginia Woolf, and request “A Room of One’s Own.” Tzetzo Gosch is a freelance writer in Eau Claire.
  2. All Made Up by Janice Galloway – reviewThe Guardian
    For Virginia Woolf, “life writing” seems to have meant biography, but the phrase has expanded since her time to include a wide range of what Galloway refers to in All Made Up as “putative non-fiction”, including memoirs and diaries. 
  3. Edith Sitwell: Avant Garde Poet, English Genius, Richard Greene, Virago, Pp …Organiser
    Born in a privileged family in England, she counted as friends the likes of WB Yeats, TS Eliot,Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein. Graham Greene was one of her ‘followers.’ A new biography on her, thirty years after the last one was published and 45 …
  4. Callahan’s ‘Consummation of Dirk’ wins Starcherone PrizeBuffalo News (blog)
    The gifted child contemplating murder, the husband drowning in melancholy, the pro basketball athlete finding his road to Damascus all emerge from adept torrents of words that bear comparison with Virginia Woolf and David Foster Wallace,” wrote Mason …
  5. A Room of Miss Mozart’s Own, Cinespect
    In “A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf uses the extended metaphor of “Shakespeare’s sister” to describe the hardships faced by artistically brilliant women whose opportunities are stifled and curtailed when compared to men with similar talents.
  6. Too much grief, The Guardian
    When, in Jacob’s Room, the grieving widow Betty Flanders sits on the beach and writes a letter, Virginia Woolf gives us her tears thus: “The entire bay quivered; the lighthouse wobbled; and she had the illusion that the mast of Mr Connor’s yacht was
  7. Joan Bakewell prepares to solve the world’s problems, Telegraph.co.uk
    They range from The Ego Trick by philosophy’s most waspish thinker, Julian Baggini, to a lingeringly lyrical account of walking the length of the Ouse River – haunted by the shade of Virginia Woolf, who drowned herself in its waters.
  8. Grim Reader, Aug. 19, 2011: Jani Lane, Sophie Gurney and Howard Paster, Obit-Mag.com
    The artist Sophie Gurney’s mom was Charles Darwin’s granddaughter and an artist herself; their circle included the likes of Virginia Woolf. A Telegraph obit says these things “shaped Sophie Gurney’s unusual childhood.” Well, yeah.
  9. Canongate to launch The Canons, The Bookseller
    Among the 2012 titles are Virginia Woolf’s Orlando (introduced by Tilda Swinton), Richard Brautigan’s Sombrero Fallout (introduced by Jarvis Cocker) and The Selected Poems of Anna Akhmatova (selected and introduced by Jo Shapcott).
  10. Island says goodbye to its gardener, Guernsey Press and Star (subscription)
    It has inspired such literary luminaries as Percy Bysshe Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Virginia Woolf. James will be assisting the head gardener in the design and care of more than 51 acres of gardens. ‘I was at Writtle College from 2003 to
  11. One Minute With: Alison Pick, novelist and poet, The Independent
    This changes on a dime, but today I’ll say Virginia Woolf for her range, her nuance, her nostalgia, her sensuality. It’s a tiny little bedroom in my home in Toronto. When we bought it, we were told it was a bedroom but we couldn’t fit a bed into it.
  12. Sailing On, The Skinny
    Eventually the women introduce themselves, and we realise we are actually lucky to be in the presence of two female icons,

    Meeting in the ladies loo in "Sailing On"

    Virginia Woolf and Ophelia – both missing, presumed drowned. Together they explain their mission to help a frequent visitor,

    Vita Sackville-West, a prolific poet, novelist, and memoirist, considered herself foremost a writer, but her enduring reputation rests on the imprint of her provocative personality on the life and writing of Virginia Woolf, and on her stirring
  14. Darwin the Writer, By George Levine, The Independent
    What’s more, Levine highlights his effect upon later work, with close analysis of Hardy’s The Woodlanders and an adroit glance at Virginia Woolf’s “The Mark on the Wall”. There is also a persuasive take on Wildean paradoxes, and, brilliantly,
  15. Dinner in vineyards for a good cause, Santa Rosa Press Democrat
    The outdoor pizza oven will be working hard and, for dessert, JJ Wilson, retired SSU professor of English and renowned Virginia Woolf scholar, will prepare honeydew melon drenched in absinthe and topped with a chiffonade of mint. As of press time,
  16. 1965 Impala Hell Project, Part 9: Fastening Shoulder Belts, Bailing From Academia, Truth About Cars
    Accelerating this realization was the fact that I had been taken under the wing of the angry, sociopathic professor of feminist literature who had poisoned her relationships with academics on several continents (I was heavy into Virginia Woolf at the
  17. Hollywood beauties go Plain Jane for roles, msnbc.com
    To play real-life literary figure Virginia Woolf, Kidman wore a prosthetic nose and dark brown hair. Not much change by some measures, but the effect was one of transformation, allowing Kidman to get lost in Woolf’s sudden presence, and win the best
  18. Back to School The Backup Plan, Salt Lake City Weekly
    I like art history, I like film, I like Virginia Woolf (OK, I love her. Don’t hate), but do I love them enough to spend $50000 on them? Thus, therefore, ergo, in conclusion, there isn’ta backup plan; there never was a backup plan.
  19. Would Alan Moore’s ‘1969’ work without Wikipedia?, Creative Loafing Atlanta (blog)
    Now partnered with Virginia Woolf’s immortal Orlando, a similarly ageless Mina and Allan return to Swinging London to solve a mystery involving Oliver Haddo, a satanist they thwarted back in 1910, but has managed to remain alive.
  20. Canberra Conversations: Thomas Keneally, ABC Online
    “He’d have music evenings and he took the honours English boys down the back of the room, opened a cupboard and there was all the good stuff: Graeme Greene, Evelyn Waugh, TS Eliot, Virginia Woolf, and that’s when I felt the world expand greatly,
  21. Sophie Gurney, Telegraph.co.uk
    Her mother, Gwen Raverat, granddaughter of Charles Darwin, was the leading woodcut artist of her time, and her close friends included Virginia Woolf, Rupert Brooke, André Gide and Stanley Spencer. This milieu, combined with the influence of the
  22. Literary Criticism and Generics of the Text published, Iran Book News Agency
    The book consists of chapters “Virginia Woolf’s Room”, “TS Eliot’s Literary Dictatorship”, “Types of Literary Criticism”, “Classic Novel and New Novel”, “Meaning and Visual Artistic Significance”, “Literature and Philosophy”, “Understanding Myths”, 

    "Literary Criticism and Generics of the Text" by Iranian author Abdol-Ali Dastgheib

  23. @EmeliSande chats to MSN’s @TinieTinah (part 2), MSN Music UK (blog)
    On my left arm I have ‘A Room of One’s Own’ which is a Virginia Woolf book that I love. And on the back of my neck I have ‘Did our last castle look like this?’ which came from thinking past lives, people you’ve created with before and stuff like that.
  24. Woman battles bipolar to publish ghost story, Birmingham Mail
    The winner will be announced at a ceremony at Charleston House, East Sussex, the former home of author Virginia Woolf. Jan is now planning to run a series of writing workshops aiming to encourage other women into print. And she is being supported in
  25. When fiction becomes a work of art, Sydney Morning Herald
    Bell designed a number for books by her sister, Virginia Woolf, and her whimsically abstract style became emblematic of Woolf’s publishing house, Hogarth Press. In some of the great covers of that period, you can see cubism and expressionism at work.
  26. Friday, August 26, eTaiwan News
    Julio Cortazar, Argentinian writer (1914-1984); Branford Marsalis, US jazz musician (1960–); Macaulay Culkin, US actor (1980–). Nothing has really happened until it has been recorded _ Virginia Woolf, English author and critic (1882-1941).
  27. A space of your own, Malaysia Star
    The experience of restricted physical space led me to re-read Virginia Woolf’s seminal lecture, A Room Of One’s Own. In 1928, when Woolf was asked to speak about women and fiction to an audience at Girton College, Cambridge, she decided to seek the
  28. Edith Wharton: Sex, Satire and the Older Woman, By Avril Horner and Janet Beer, The Independent
    And in respect of female consciousness, the authors argue, she has much in common with Virginia Woolf. Like Woolf, Wharton can be placed at the end of a long European lineage that includes George Eliot. “The supposedly reactionary values implicit in
  29. `The Help’ is middlebrow? So be it. Count me in.Los Angeles Times
    Virginia Woolf defined the middlebrow reader as “betwixt and between,” devoted not to art for its own sake but to “money, fame, power, or prestige.” In other words, the middlebrow is not quite as smart as the true highbrow and not as spirited as the …
  30. For Love of the GameNew Yorker (blog)
    In her essay “How Should One Read a Book,” Virginia Woolf furnishes some magnificent advice: Perhaps the quickest way to understand the elements of what a novelist is doing is not to read, but to write; to make your own experiment with the dangers and 
  31. Carnegie Mellon’s Miller Gallery Opens New Section of Pittsburgh BiennialPR Newswire (press release)
    Inspired by modernist writer Virginia Woolf’s antidote to the war-mentality brewed in boardrooms and command centers, subRosa re-envisions lab workbenches as a series of small tables for more intimate and conversational “tea-table thinking. …
  32. Never mind the looters, what about the ‘fascists’?Spiked
    Using words that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Virginia Woolf’s diaries on one of her off-days, one radical journalist claimed that ‘in Enfield a mob of white men swarmed through the streets chanting “England”’. Chanting ‘England’? 

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