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I am two weeks late with this. Life interrupted my efforts to celebrate Virginia Woolf’s 130th birthday with style.

Here, instead, is a collection of birthday wishes from around the World Wide Web. The candles have already been extinguished, but the wishes are just as sweet all the same.

You can also read birthday wishes and events reported by Blogging Woolf in the past: Marking Virginia Woolf’s birthday, Come to belated NYC birthday tea for Virginia, Happy birthday, dear Virginia, in music, Happy birthday, dear Virginia, Virginia’s 127th birthday party will be on two stages, Celebrate Virginia’s birthday with Freshwater,

  1. On the occasion of Virginia’s birthday, AROO Speaks (blog)
  2. Happy Birthday, Miss Jan, Fernham
  3. I’m Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf: 5 Things to Do On the Author’s 130th birthday, Isak (blog)
  4. Virginia Woolf: Provocative quotes for her 130th birthdayWashington Post The Style Blog
    Virginia Woolf left behind a legacy of words that influence writers to this day, 130 years after her birth. So on her birthday, we’ve pulled some of the most provocative quotes from the
  5. The Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain, HollandSentinel.com
    Head to this website today on the birthday of Virginia Woolf (she was born in 1882) to learn more about the writer. The society collects biographical information, has a bibliography, has resource materials and more. 5: Most Super Bowl titles won by a
  6. Virginia Woolf, Reading Over Dorothy Wordsworth’s Shoulder: A Birthday Tribute, Town Topics
    It’s late at night, the wind is blowing, and for the first time in too many years, I’m reading Virginia Woolf, who was born on January 25, 1882. In a piece about Dorothy Wordsworth, who died on January 25, 1855, Woolf is writing so lucidly and
  7. Five Things You Need to Know Today: Jan. 25, 2012, Patch.com
    Born on this day in history: English writer Virginia Woolf (1882), famed American runner Steve Prefontaine (1951) and singer Alicia keys (1981). 1. Thayer Public Library is hosting The Reader’s Group Book Club at 7:15 pm in the Logan
  8. Quinceañera Expo, NorthFulton.com
    1882: Virginia Woolf, English author (Mrs. Dalloway and Orlando). 1930: New York police rout a Communist rally at the Town Hall. 1943: The last German airfield in Stalingrad is captured by the Red Army. 1949: Axis Sally, who broadcasted Nazi propaganda
  9. HelloGiggles – Happy Birthday, Virginia Woolf!, Hello Giggles

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