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Okay, Woolf lovers, hang on to your hats. Today’s compilation of Woolf sightings includes mention gI_129597_lovequoteslibrary_logoof Virginia and Kim Kardashian in the same sentence (8). It also includes the addition of Woolf to the Love Quotes Library, the assertion that one needs technological space of one’s own just as one needs a room of one’s own (12), film dialogue that includes Woolf (21) and another mention of The Charleston Bulletin Supplements (4).

  1. Love Quotes Library Announces Its LaunchPR Web (press release)
    Love Quotes Library is best known for its daily updates with quotes from a multitude of prominent sources that include Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lao Tzu, Pedro Calderon de la Barca, and Virginia Woolf.
  2. Mozart vs. the BeatlesNew York Times (blog)
    For example, Virginia Woolf’s classic essay — arch, snobbish, and very funny — reserved the appreciation of great art to “highbrows”: those “thoroughbreds of the mind” who combine innate taste with sufficient inherited wealth to sustain a life 
  3. Announcing A New Book Club! Jacob’s Room by Virginia Woolf!The League of Ordinary Gentlemen (blog)
    The year is 1920. The war – the Great War – the War to End All Wars – has been over for almost two years. The men have returned, back to their homes and families, picking up the threads from four long years away. Things have returned to normal but not 
  4. The week in booksSpectator.co.uk (blog)Charleston Bulletin Supplements
    ‘The Charleston Bulletin was a family newspaper produced between 1923 and 1927 by the teenaged Quentin Bell and his elder brother Julian — who soon dropped out, leading Quentin to recruit his auntVirginia Woolf. At that time enjoying her most 
  5. Bigger SpenderThe Times (subscription)
    “He talks incessantly and will pan out to be a prodigious bore,” said Virginia Woolf about Stephen Spender. However lacking in graciousness, the remark encapsulated Spender’s formidable capacity to produce words. His known output over the decades 
  6. £15000 prize for next Woolf or Orwell . . .Irish Independent
    Among the writers to whom I return again and again are Montaigne, Johnson, Hazlitt, Virginia Woolf,George Orwell, VS Pritchett, Neville Cardus, Jan Morris, Joan Didion, Ian Hamilton and Clive James – an extremely diverse bunch, I concede, but all 
  7. Walking in Huxley’s GarsingtonThe Oxford Timescrome yellow
    She hosted intellectuals and writers such as D H Lawrence, Virginia Woolf and Huxley, who arrived there in 1916 to do war work after leaving Oxford University. Huxley’s comic novel Crome Yellow, published in 1921, caricatured Lady Ottoline so cruelly 
  8. The leap from Virginia Woolf to Kim Kardashian isn’t as far as it seemsThe Guardian
    So why wouldn’t we attempt to contextualise celebrities, too? We’ve been doing it to authors in the name of academia for hundreds of years, so the leap from Virginia Woolf to Britney Spears really isn’t so far. If you put it in context, of course. But 
  9. Free Classic Literature Newsletter! Sign UpAbout – News & Issues
    I was taking a course on women writers, with reading selections that included Virginia Woolf, Zora Neale Hurston, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Doris Lessing, and a myriad of other worthy names. But, The Awakening struck me in a different way. Perhaps it 
  10. Mireille Silcoff: Plumbing the depths of my schedule to figure where the time National Post
    This is Virginia Woolf. In 1928, she was asked to give two lectures on women and fiction, which later expanded to become Woolf’s most famous essay, “A Room of One’s Own.” It is in this essay, that Woolf asks, so memorably, how Jane Austen managed to 
  11. Review: Shire, By Ali Smith, with images by Sarah WoodThe Independent
    The epigraph that opens Ali Smith’s new collection of writing is from Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, in which she wrote about an imaginary sister of Shakespeare who died young, her talents frustrated: “For great poets do not die; they are 
  12. Is Sharing a Computer With Your Partner Holding You Back?xoJane
    Is Sharing a Computer With Your Partner Holding You Back? I started to think that in a relationship these days, the need for one’s own technological space is similar to the “room of one’s own” espoused by Virginia Woolf. Erica Bourke. 23 Hours Ago 
  13. Malcolm shows her usual rigor in ‘Forty-One False Starts’Austin American-Statesman41 false starts
    She brings us to the Bloomsbury of the early 20th century, where Virginia Woolf and her sister, Vanessa Bell, cultivated their artistic and romantic lives, and to Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex, Bell’s country retreat, where today’s Bloomsbury devotees 
  14. Janet Malcolm: Essays expose critic at work, Macleans.ca
    In another piece, Malcolm writes a veritable Bloomsbury novel in her rich portrait of the social milieu of Virginia Woolf’s friends and family in the early 20th century. The essay “A girl of the zeitgeist,” about the editorial history of the magazine 
  15. Book roundup: BiographiesUSA TODAY
    Who’s afraid of Leonard Woolf? Apparently lots of biographers but not Victoria Glendinning, who turns the spotlight on the husband of novelist Virginia Woolf. (“I’m going to marry … a penniless Jew,” she famously said.) Glendinning is a logical 
  16. Auction of donated books raises £16000 for OxfamFinancial Times
    Published in 1923 by the Hogarth Press, the publisher founded by Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard, the type was thought to be handset by Virginia herself, and just 460 copies of the book were printed. Other finds which were sold at the auction 
  17. Wasteland first edition fetches thousands for OxfamThe Oxford Times
    The copy of the poem, dating from 1923, was published by the Hogarth Press, a private press founded by Eliot’s friends Leonard and Virginia Woolf. The Waste Land, which had an estimated price tag of £2,000 to £3,000, sold with 26 other items for Oxfam, ..
  18. Oxfam copy of TS Eliot’s The Waste Land sells for £4.5kBBC News
    The book of the modernist poem, dating from 1923, was published by Hogarth Press, founded by Eliot’s friends Leonard and Virginia Woolf. It was given to Oxfam’s Turl Street branch in Oxford and had been expected to sell for between £2,000 and £3,000.
  19. Deap Vally – SistrionixThis Is Fake DIYdeap-vally-sistrionix_190_190_80
    They’ve got the same basic idea at heart, but their absolutely frenetic and slightly terrifying brand of rock makes Virginia Woolf look rather meek in comparison. Playing off the two sparse elements of the band with thrashing aggression, much of this 
  20. Family values: a deliciously readable tale of personal destruction – and the Irish Independent
    Magazine pulls “suicide photoshoot” after being “sick”. Vice pulls ‘breathtakingly tasteless’ fashion shoot glorifying the suicides of famous female authors from Sylvia Plath to Virginia Woolf. Commentators and mental health charities slammed the ‘sick 
  21. Frances Ha reviewDen Of Geek
    Its main characters are New York-based graduates who say things like ‘Do you know what Virginia Woolf book this reminds me of?’ in a heightened, loud version of kookiness that really, really made me want to shave every single one of them bald. And then 

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