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Maggie Gee

Maggie Gee

Here’s something to look forward to: Virginia Woolf in Manhattan by Maggie Gee. Telegram Books will publish the novel in September.

It imagines what might happen if Woolf came back to life today and appeared to a British writer researching Woolf’s manuscripts at the Berg Collection in the New York Public Library. Woolf scams Manhattan bookstores with “rare signed editions” and the two travel to Turkey, where Woolf crashes an international conference on herself.

Virginia Woolf in Manhattan is a sparkling and profound novel about female friendship and rivalry, and how, amid the madness of modernity, we can begin to make sense of our lives,” says the blurb on the publisher’s website.

Gee is the author of eleven acclaimed novels, including The White Family (shortlisted for the orange and imPac prizes), My Cleaner and My Driver, and a memoir, My Animal Life. she is a Fellow and vice-president of the Royal Society of Literature and Professor of creative writing at Bath Spa University.

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