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Virginia Woolf died 73 years ago on March 28, 1941, a fact that caused her to be a trending topic on Facebook today. Here are some social media posts commemorating her life, her work, and her death.

From Twitter:

#Virginia Woolf’s Suicide Note – smith.edu/woolf/suicidew… #Writing She died on such a date a long time ago,Virginia Woolf yet “the difficult times” remain

Virginia Woolf on How to Read a Book | Brain Pickings brainpickings.org/index.php/2013… via @brainpicker

Virginia Woolf’s Wisdom On The World Is Just The Inspiration You Need Today dlvr.it/5G6v0R

Prachtig. “@brainpicker: Virginia Woolf, whom we lost this day in 1941, on the creative benefits of keeping a diary j.mp/1myxbrg

Photo: outofprintclothing: Remembering Virginia Woolf, who died on this day, March 28, in 1941. tmblr.co/Zkhrwr1BRzvDa

Patti Smith’s moving homage to Virginia Woolf, who took her life on this day in 1941 j.mp/1jCQRKg

Less than a year before she died, Virginia Woolf published her landmark “Thoughts in Peace in an Air Raid” in TNR: on.tnr.com/QnADb8

From Facebook:

Virginia Woolf “On Craftsmanship” (the only remaining recording of her voice): http://tinyurl.com/bundhgh (via brainpickings)

3 novels and a story collection at PG –http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/89

More of her work (also the Essays) in Australia:http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/w/woolf/virginia/

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An Interview with Sarah Ruhl, who adapted Orlando for the stage

Orlando, the film, on YouTube

Female Filmmaker Friday: Orlando (1992): A post about the film

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The Modernist Studies Association 2014 Conference: Confluence & Division, Nov. 6-9, at the Omni William Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.46.13 PMPenn Hotel in Pittsburgh has issued a call for papers that examine women writers in the 1930s: their relationship with modernism as well as the impact of increased political power and continued social inequality. Papers examining race, class, and/or sexuality in a transatlantic context are encouraged.
Erica Delsandro, who is coordinating the paper submissions, shared the news with the VWoolf Listserv: “This is not a call for papers on Woolf’s 1930s work, per se, but since so many Woolfians explore other female writers of the period, I thought I would be remiss not to post this on the Woolf listserv.”
Abstracts of 250-500 words are being accepted until April 1. Email them to Lauren Rosenblum at lauren.rosenblum@gmail.com and Erica Delsandro at ericadelsandro@gmail.com.


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Vanessa and Her Sister, a novel by Priya Parmar exploring the complicated relationship between the two sisters, will be published by Ballantine in 2015. The historical novel will also cover the Bloomsbury Group.

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This song by Marissa Adler is simply titled “Virginia” and is from the album Ballads of Living and Dying.

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