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From Alice Lowe, regular contributor to Blogging Woolf, comes this post, “Where’s Lillie?”, that links us toVirginia Woolf an eponymous essay in the journal 1966 that explores the veracity of memory. In it, Lowe says this about memory and Virginia Woolf:

Neuroscience has corroborated what novelists, poets and memoir writers have been saying for centuries. They’ve confirmed the physiological basis of memory and explored the brain activity involved in recalling stored memories, demonstrated that memory may be a result of the act of remembering and as such can be altered with every recall. Memory was the basis for Virginia Woolf’s concept of consciousness and our construction of it. She frequently questioned the accuracy of her memories and articulated her speculations. In memoir sketches she tells about her step-brother clubbing a fish with a broom handle, and immediately follows by asking: “Can I be remembering a fact?”

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