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Mrs. Dalloway lives. And walks. And is mapped. Here are several fun and helpful resources I recently discovered.

  1. The first is @mrsdallowayday on Twitter, who is encouraging a ‪#‎MrsDallowayDay‬ event June 13 in London, starting this year. Use the hashtag #MrsDallowayDay.
  2. The second is the Mrs. Dalloway Mapping Project, a series of interactive, annotated maps of London that serve as a guide to the novel.  Themap maps show the paths that Clarissa, Peter and Rezia and Septimus follow over the course of the novel, something I once tried to do for a class I was teaching. However, I found myself a bit confused about Peter’s route midway through my explanation. I hope this resource does a better job. It includes links to analyses of the text organized by event, location, and time. It apparently was created by Adam Erwood, London Lamb, Jasmine Perrett, Anjaly Poruthoor and Manoj Vangala for an English class at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  3. The third is a Map of Fictional London from the Literary Gift Company. Dani Hall, company creator, was good enough to send me a copy. I plan to take this foldable, indexed resource along on my next trip to London, as it marks sites mentioned in 600 literary works by 400 authors, including Virginia Woolf. I may carry it in the purple Woolf Library Bag that accompanied it. bag

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