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Cecil Woolf, nephew of Leonard and Virginia Woolf, died one year ago today at the age of 92. Family and friends will gather to toast him tonight at 7 p.m. London time. May we all raise a glass to Cecil, wherever we are at whatever time we see this.

To Cecil!

Cecil Woolf and his wife Jean Moorcroft Wilson at their home in London, June 2017. Cecil was the founder and publisher of Cecil Woolf Publishers, a small London publishing house in the tradition of the Woolfs’ Hogarth Press, as well as a tremendous mentor and friend to many, including Woolf scholars around the globe.

Emma Woolf with her father Cecil Woolf

Cecil Woolf stops at 46 Gordon Square, London, while giving Blogging Woolf a personalized tour of Bloomsbury in June 2016.

Cecil Woolf, accompanied by his wife Jean Moorcroft Wilson, talks about being “A Boy at the Hogarth Press” at the 100th birthday party for the Hogarth Press in June 2017 in Reading, England.

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