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Here are two calls for papers for Modern Language Association (MLA) 2024. These sessions are not guaranteed, but Ben Hagen, president of the International Virginia Woolf Society, says the IVWS has “had very good luck the past two years getting more than one proposal accepted by the MLA program committee.”

  1. 100 years of Mrs. Brown: Human character may have changed on or about December 1910, but 2024 is the centenary of “Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown.” How do we understand Woolf’s theories of fiction now? Send abstracts to: mwilson4@umassd.edu.
  2. Celebrating Virginia Woolf’s 18th Century: Beyond Woolf’s call to lay flowers on Aphra Behn’s grave or borrowing “Common Reader” from Johnson, we invite proposals considering Woolf’s engagement with eighteenth-century literary history, aesthetics, biography, fashion/decor, print culture & printing technologies, waxworks, politics. This is a joint proposal with the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Send abstracts to: mwallace@ncf.edu and engell784@duq.edu.

Meanwhile, the IVWS guaranteed session for MLA 2024 will be “Rethinking Woolf and Race.”

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