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Laura McBride is the author of the recently published novel, We Are Called to Rise, which is being celebrated as a “universal story about the messy wonders of community.”

McBride recently wrote as a guest blogger on Read Her Like an Open Book where she recounted the “magical year” she spent with Virginia Woolf while writing her senior thesis at Yale University: “…I spent many months, steeped in Virginia Woolf – her life and temperament so different from my own – with no particular expectations and no particular knowledge. It was magical. I don’t know how much I remember from that reading – I have that sort of mind – but I did eventually write a brutally long (for the reader, that is) essay on The Waves. No evidence of it exists – thankfully – but I vaguely remember an experimental beginning in stream-of-consciousness style. Ouch.

“It seems to me that I often don’t know when I am in the middle of an extraordinary moment, when I am doing something I will never do again, and those months reading Virginia Woolf and talking about it with Hillis Miller, in that way, in that delightfully casual way, was such a moment.”

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