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Just a bit of whimsy today — a collection of nail polish colors inspired by Virginia Woolf.

One is calledThe London Scene” and is described as “rich medium grey with a distinct urban feel revived by a multi-chromatic blazing hologram.”

The description for the vegan polish, which is part of A England’s Moments with Virginia Woolf collection, quotes Woolf’s The London Scene:

The grey stone, ancient as it is, changes like a live thing under the incessant ripple of changing light

Another polish is simply named after the author and is described as “dark garnet red bursting with blazing hologram.”

More about the Woolf collection

The website describes Woolf’s interest in color this way: “Colour was central to Woolf’s writing, allowing her to seamlessly enhance imagery and represent characters and settings.”

Here are the other colors in the Woolf collection.

  • Mrs. Dalloway
  • Orlando
  • The Waves
  • To the Lighthouse
  • Shakespeare’s Sister

Of the six Woolf-inspired nail polish colors listed on the company website, only two seem to be available for purchase. “The London Scene” is priced at £5 and “Virginia Woolf” at £11.50.

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