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During the past two years, Vintage Classics has republished 14 of Virginia Woolf’sVintage Woolf series works based on her original Hogarth Press texts, and each of them offers a cover featuring a tightly cropped photograph matched with simple typography.

Each cover of the Vintage Woolf series focuses on specific passages from the work it enfolds and features a photograph that represents lines from those passages. The original photograph is then cropped, highlighted and saturated with color to achieve the desired effect. The type is set in a version of Casion.

Cover designer James Jones admits that creating the cover art offered a unique challenge, as he hadn’t read any of Woolf’s work before starting on the project.

The new  and ongoing series includes Woolf’s novels, essays and diaries.

Said Jones:

What I really wanted to bring across … was the sense of colour and light that I pictured when reading her work.

And from Frances MacMillan, Vintage senior editor:

We wanted new jackets which would make potential readers rethink their ideas of this famous author; covers which presented Woolf as modern, relevant and surprising.

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