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VWI have exciting news for Woolfians everywhere: In less than 24 hours, Blogging Woolf was number three on the WordPress list of fastest growing blogs. This is the list that shows up on the Dashboard page of bloggers who use WordPress.

That means hundreds of hits are coming Woolf’s way.

I think this shows the power of Woolf and her worldwide network of friends, lovers, and common readers. The Woolf circle rocks!

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Ah, the links — and the e-mails — that bind us to each other.Lisa Guidarini

Woolf lover Lisa Guidarini of Bluestalking Reader received our announcement of the birth of this blog via the VWoolf Listserv. When she visited this site, she was happily surprised to find a link to her literary blog.

She then repaid the unwitting favor by writing about our newborn blog. And she christened it with our first comment.

Woolf and her circle — both past and present — thank her.

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