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Such Friends blogger Kathleen Dixon Donnelly, who writes about famous literary friends, including the Bloomsbury Group, shared this post about Virginia Woolf and Monk’s House in 1921.

Oh, what a damned bore!” Virginia Woolf, 39, had written to a friend this past summer. She had been ill—and not working—for so long. But now that it is autumn, with lovely weather and long walks out here in the countryside, she is feeling better and writing better than before. Monk’s House, Rodmell Virginia and […]

“Such Friends”:  100 years ago, late September, 1921, Monk’s House, Rodmell, East Sussex — SuchFriends Blog

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Woolf in BloomVirginia Woolf scholar Elisa Kay Sparks has launched a new blog that links a daily quote from Woolf with a photographic image of flora.

She launched the blog, Woolf in Bloom: A Daily Almanac, on March 22. In a message to the VWoolf Listserv, Sparks said she has made a one-year commitment to the blog. She said the the blog is a response to the desire of Woolf scholars for a daily Woolf quote app that would provide a passage from Woolf to meditate on every day.

The photographs of flora that she posts with the quotes come from her daily walks, as well as from images she has collected from trips to visit gardens and Woolf sites in the UK.

“I’ll be commemorating important dates in Woolf’s life as well as attempting to highlight flowers according to the British blooming season and to Woolf’s mentions of them in diaries and letters,” Sparks said.

She said she would attempt to post to the blog on a daily basis and that most — but not all — posts would include a Woolf quote and a flora image.

Today’s quote, which is linked with a soft peach tulip:

They had reached the site of the old Exhibition. They looked at the tulips. Stiff and curled, the little rods of waxy smoothness rose from the earth, nourished yet contained, suffused with scarlet and coral pink. Each had its shadow; each grew trimly in the diamond-shaped wedge as the gardener had planned it.  –Jacob’s Room (176)

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The SuchFriends blog has announced that it will travel back in time to 1912, the year the RMS Titanic sank — and the year of a major event in Virginia Woolf’s life.

Blogger Kathleen Dixon Donnelly says she will discuss Woolf’s major event, as well as others that took place in Ireland, England, France and America that year. On her journey, she will ask questions such as these:

  • What Pittsburgh-born writer was the talk of Dublin cafes?
  • What literary couple got married in England? (Spoiler alert: Virginia and Leonard were married on Aug. 10, 1912.)
  •  What ballet scandalized Paris?
  • What future Algonquin Round Table member was president of the Harvard Lampoon?

Donnelly advises watching her blog soon after Jan. 1 “for all the 1912 gossip about writers” and invites readers to submit answers to the questions she poses via a “Comment.”

Meanwhile, here are some Woolf-related links on the SuchFriends blog:

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Ah, the links — and the e-mails — that bind us to each other.Lisa Guidarini

Woolf lover Lisa Guidarini of Bluestalking Reader received our announcement of the birth of this blog via the VWoolf Listserv. When she visited this site, she was happily surprised to find a link to her literary blog.

She then repaid the unwitting favor by writing about our newborn blog. And she christened it with our first comment.

Woolf and her circle — both past and present — thank her.

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