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to the lighthouseVirginia Woolf spent nearly a month working on the first draft of the “Time Passes” section of To the Lighthouse. Now a new and wonderful Web site gives anyone with a Web  connection the opportunity to discover how that passage developed from first draft to first British and U.S. editions.

Called Woolf Online, it is a remarkable piece of scholarship melded with technological know-how. It includes holographs, printer proofs, images of the front pages of newspapers published during the time Woolf was writing the novel, images of St. Ives during the early 20th century and much more.

Take some time to explore the site. Then bookmark it. I guarantee you will want to go back.

According to the site, the initial idea and overall organization of the project was the work of Julia Briggs (1943-2007), in whose memory it has been completed by a team of exceptional individuals.

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