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Cecil Woolf

Cecil Woolf

In a former life, I was a journalist. In another former life, I was a public relations and marketing person. So a week or two before Woolf and the City, I started thinking like both again.

Here’s why. I knew Cecil Woolf was coming to the conference. I knew the conference was in New York City. I knew New York City is full of media.

So I thought, “What journalist who covers the literary beat wouldn’t want to interview the nephew of Leonard and Virginia Woolf who is also an independent publisher?” None, I thought.

As it turns out though, either I was wrong or the current economic downturn has affected New York media more than I imagined. Only one media outlet, The Rumpus, responded to my pitch.

But respond they did, and this week the online magazine posted a fascinating interview with Cecil, as well as a first-person account of the conference. Both are written by Sasha Graybosch.

Thanks to conference organizer Anne Fernald and her intern Megan Branch for putting me in touch with The Rumpus. And thanks to Rumpus editor Rozalia Jovanovic for recognizing a good story when she sees one.

Here is a different view of Cecil on the Lux Lotus blog.

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