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I told you that people who attended Woolf and the City were buzzed.

Madelyn Detloff, vice president of the International Virginia Woolf Society, barely stepped off the Fordham University campus after the conference before creating a Facebook page for the society. And one day after her announcement of the IVWS page, it already had 60 fans. Talk about high-flying energy!

If you already have a Facebook account, you can become a fan of the IVWS on Facebook. If not, create an account now.

If you are concerned about privacy, don’t worry. You can control the people who see your own Facebook page, and you can determine exactly what they see as well.

As a member of the IVWS group, you can be part of the society’s ongoing conversation about Woolf, view and post photos, share links and news and hook up with other Woolfians around the world.

Remember that you can be part of the conversation here on Blogging Woolf as well. Please feel free to post your thoughts. Just scroll down to the comments link below each post and go at it.

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