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In memoriam to Virginia Woolf on the 70th anniversary of her death, I share two things.

One is a YouTube video that gives us a look at some of the wonderful and amazing things she would have done if she had not walked into the River Ouse on March 28, 1941.

The other is a tribute to Virginia by her great niece, Emma Woolf, in The Independent article, “Literary haunts: Virginia’s London walks.” In her piece, Emma shares stories her father, Cecil Woolf, tells of Virginia and Leonard. She also sets the record straight about their relationship as a couple and offers advice for understanding Virginia’s life and work.

She also recommends visiting the Cock Tavern on Fleet Street to raise a glass to Virginia. It’s the spot where she and Leonard dined when they were living in rented rooms at nearby Clifford’s Inn as newlyweds.

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